6 Best Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair to Buy in 2024

If you are looking for the best hot air brush for short hair, you have come to the right place. There are a lot of options on the market these days. Unfortunately, only a limited number of these offers are worth your attention. To avoid disenchantment, check out these 6 best styling tools for short hair.

I have picked only my top favorites, from well-known developers, with multiple benefits, and at affordable prices. Even short hair can be styled in a wide range of hairdos. All you need is the proper tool that will not do any damage to your hair and take care of any type of hair you have.

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6 Best Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair Reviewed

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Take a look at these reliable hair stylers for short hair. I have described only those brushes I have checked out myself, and I always recommend them to others. Pay attention to the table with pros and cons.

1. Ghd Glide & Rise Straightener – Best Ceramic Styling Brush for Short Hair

Ghd, meaning Good Hair Day, provides trendy styling tools for your hair. The company was founded in 2001 by three British hairdressers. Their products quickly became popular around the world. They produce brushes, dryers, curlers, straighteners, protective gels, and sprays for any hair type.

Main features:

  • Material: ceramic brush and nylon bristles;
  • Design: 1.25 inches thin barrel with 8.8 feet cord;
  • Heat: 365F constant;
  • Extra features: nylon bristles protect your hair from damage; a thin round barrel is perfect for short hair.

The brush is made of ceramic and nylon. It serves best for the normal type of hair, but you can work with any type, changing the time you spend on the hairdo. It was created to provide the new level of volume, with its 2x effect.

It has a 1.25 inches barrel that works well even on the bob. The maximum temperature this tool provides is 365F. The 8.8-inch swivel cord is enough to contribute to the freedom of your moves.

  • Protective coating;
  • Perfect for short hair;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Well-known developer.
  • More expensive compared to similar products.

2. BaBylissPro Nano – Rotating Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

With BaBylissPro, you bring a piece of Paris to your home. This company has been protecting the hair for over 50 years. They were one of the first companies on the market of electric tools for styling. Right now their rotating brushes and straighteners can be found in thousands of professional salons around the world.


  • Material: titanium and ceramic;
  • Design: 2-inch rotating barrel, ergonomic handle, 20-inch brush;
  • Heat: 3 temperature speeds;
  • Extra features: push-button on the handle, 3 settings of temperatures, anti-static mode.

I love the fact that I can change the temperature of this brush. I believe it is vital when you try to style different types of hair. Another benefit is its rotating head. It quickly adds volume to the hair and creates waves.

There is also no slippery ergonomic handle with the temperature control on it. I don’t recommend using the device until your hair is almost dry.

  • Rotating barrel;
  • Adjusting heat;
  • Reliable handle;
  • Affordable price.
  • It may pull your hair. Always brush the hair carefully before using this product.

3. Calista Perfecter Fusion – Affordable Hair Dryer Brush for Short Hair

This tool was created by Maria McCool, a well-known hairstylist with 25 years of experience. It was made for both professional hairstylists and amateurs. Maria is a founder of the Calista company that produces quality hair styling tools. The first salon named Calista was opened in 1989. In 2007, they developed the first line of hair products.


  • Material: ceramic and nylon teeth;
  • Design: a round brush with a cord;
  • Heat: the highest setting is 392F, and the lowest – 356F
  • Extra features: powered with 120 watts, shuts off automatically, quick heating.

This affordable heated brush is perfect for the extra volume of your hair. Although it is round, you can easily create smooth hairdos with this budget-friendly tool. It is more beneficial to short hair than long due to the compact size. It has two temperature settings that can be adjusted on the handle.

Besides, this tool has an automatic shut-off option for your safety. Its teeth are made of nylon, to prevent your hair from burning. However, I still recommend using hair protectants with this brush.

  • Nylon teeth;
  • Rotating barrel;
  • Automatic shut-off;
  • Two heat settings;
  • Affordable price.
  • If you have thick hair, you may find the upper heat temperature not hot enough to style it effectively.

4. Calista Perfecter Flip-Top – Quickly-Heated Curling Brush for Short Hair

Here I’d like to present another tool by Calista, an American-based company founded by the famous hairdresser Maria McCool. She developed her business at a hair salon and then decided to create her own beauty tools.

The hair brushes by Maria McCool are on-demand around the world. The company continues to grow, increasing its already wide range of products.


  • Material: ceramic and nylon teeth;
  • Design: 1-inch barrel, green color, all the buttons are on the handle, corded;
  • Heat: adjustable heating, 325F minimal;
  • Extra features: lifts the hair from the roots, amazing for the short hair type, ionic technology.

This brush looks stylish and fresh. All the major buttons are located conveniently under your fingers. The handle contains the on/off button, temperature increase/decrease, and the digital indicator panel of the temperature. The tool heats incredibly quickly and is ready to use in no time.

The handle is firm and non-slippery. You can choose the size of the barrel, depending on the length of your hair. For short hair, I recommend a 1-inch barrel. It works great with all hair types and styles. Yet, some women believe that a 1-inch barrel is too small. There is a 1.5-inch option for medium and long hair.

  • Ionic technology;
  • Thin barrel;
  • Adjustable temperature;
  • Affordable price.
  • Small 1-inch barrel.

5. FHI Heat Stylus Successor – Heated Brush for Short Hair with Innovative Design

FHI has been producing hair styling tools since its foundation in 2003. It quickly grew up into an international company that sells its hair care tools around the world. They are famous for the stylish and unique design of their brushes and straighteners.


  • Material: tourmaline ceramic coating, nylon teeth;
  • Design: round, 360-degree cord, all the buttons are on the handle;
  • Heat: from 250F to 400F
  • Extra features: the hair is protected by tourmaline, adjustable heat, long cord.

There is an innovative system of dual heating inside the brush. You receive heat from the back and front of the barrel, no matter how you roll it. The tourmaline ceramic mix in the coating provides extra smooth hair, and nylon bristles are there to prevent the hair from damage.

There are 7 different options of heat and 4 conductors. The minimal temperature is 250F, and the maximum is 400F. I don’t recommend using 400F on short thin hair if you don’t want to burn it.

  • Several temperature modes;
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating;
  • Dual heating;
  • Affordable price.
  • 400F is too much for short hair. You risk damaging your hair so adhere to the lower temperature.

6. Ghd Glide & Rise Hot Brush – For Professional Short Hair Brushing

Ghd is one of the most popular producers of electric tools for hair styling nowadays. Their products are on-demand not only in the US but around the world and are incredibly competitive on the international market. You may quickly recognize their products in salons by their famous black minimalistic style.

  • Material: ceramic;
  • Design: square classic brush in black color;
  • Heat: 365F;
  • Extra features: smooth hair, long-lasting effect, automatic sleep mode after 60 minutes without use.

Unlike the previous models on my list, this brush is not round. It is still ceramic and provides a 365F temperature. This handy device eliminates frizz and can straighten the hair in no time. I believe you may find it less convenient for curls because of its square shape, though you can still try it. With this tool, you will get a long-lasting effect.

  • Ceramic coating;
  • The 365F temperature is ideal for styling short hair;
  • Automatic turn-off.
  • More expensive compared to similar brushes.

Buyer’s Guide on Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair

If you still can’t decide which brush is better for you, follow my lead and order several of them. I like to switch between the devices I use for my everyday styling routine. Anyway, here I provide brief information about how to use a hot air brush on short hair and why this tool is beneficial for you.

Benefits of hot air brush for short hair

The owners of short hair usually love to experiment with hairstyles. A hot air brush works miracles on your hair, providing smooth and shiny locks in a short period of time. The device is easy to hold as it is lightweight; it is also simple to control the temperature thanks to the buttons under your fingers.

The material the perfect brush is made of is ceramic, which prevents your hair from burning. Unlike classic dryers, the hot air blows right onto the locks you want to style, and under the angle you choose, increasing the volume without extra effort.

How to use the brush

There are few simple rules you must keep in mind while using the hot hairbrush:

  • Never use it on damp hair. It must be at least 80 percent dry;
  • Always use heat protectants before the hot airbrush;
  • Separate the hair into small locks to style it faster;
  • Start with the lowest temperature and increase it until you find your perfect tune;
  • After you finish your hairdo, switch off the brush and put it out of the socket.

How to pick the best hot air brush?


While I recommend purchasing several brushes for different hairstyles and various lengths of hair for home use, I still want to help you narrow your choice. Pay attention to the following features of each brush:

  • Size of the barrel. It must not be too big for short hair. If you have thin short hair, 1 inch will be perfect for you. Make sure it fits the size of the lock you want to brush at once;
  • Materials. The most popular are ceramic and tourmaline ceramic brushes. The bristles are usually made of nylon that protects your hair from damage;
  • Heat. The perfect heat is near 325F. Check whether the brush has adjustable heat or not. I don’t mind using my ghd brushes which provide me the optimal temperature, but sometimes I want to go for colder or hotter options.

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Popular Questions About Hot Air Brushes

Check out these popular questions about hot air brushes for short hair. If you want to add something, or you have some experience using the device of a certain brand, you can do it in the comments.

Is a hot air brush good for short hair?

They are perfect for short hair, being lightweight, simple to use, quick to heat, and affordable. Hot air brushes provide a long-lasting effect. High-quality brushes are made of ceramic and nylon that protect the hair from damage.

Can you use a hair dryer brush on short hair?

A hair dryer brush with a small barrel is made specifically for short hair. It is small enough for short locks and quite effective so that your hairdo remains the same during the day. If you want to increase the volume of your short hair, you can always use a hot air brush.

Are hot air brushes bad for your hair?

It depends on the material they are made from. There is a whole science of drying your hair. If your brush is of low quality and provides you a high temperature of 400F and more, you have to change it immediately. Too hot air is not healthy for the hair in general.

If you want to lower the damage, you need to use proper tools and don’t forget about the temperature protectors.

Make Your Short Hair Look Impeccable

My list of top 6 brushes contains only the prime tools from the true leaders on the market. They are all beneficial, and no matter which one you choose, they all will take good care of your hair. Look back at this list, read the product descriptions, examine the pros and cons of every tool.

Before you order anything, think about whether you need the tool with an adjustable temperature, tourmaline coating, at an affordable price, and from a well-known brand. Think about the hairstyle you want to achieve. If you already have one of these brushes, share your impression in the comments below.

How do you like it? How long have you been using it? What is your favorite feature of this tool?

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