Best Round Brushes: How To Make A Right Choice

Hi there! I’m Chloe, and today I want to share with you tips on how to choose round brushes according to your hair types and purposes. How did I come up with this idea? Several days ago, I was walking with Sarah, my best friend, when she suddenly remembered that she needed to buy a new round hairbrush.

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I asked her if she knew the exact round hairbrush she needs. And Sarah just took the first boar bristle round brush she could find. I was a little bit shocked. Girls! Your gorgeous style and appearance start from the right tools. And, believe me, it is very important to choose the round hairbrush that exactly suits you.

There are several reasons:

  • to avoid hair breakage;
  • to make a hairstyle;
  • to save the structure of locks, and so on.

So, today we will consider the following points:

  • how to choose a round brush;
  • the difference between boar and nylon round brush;
  • how to blow dry hair straight with a round brush;
  • what are the best round brushes for a blowout in my opinion.

Let’s start!

Round Hair Brush Reviews

I have lots of experience in drying hair with a round brush. So, here I want to share this knowledge. Do you know how to use a round brush? What types of round styling brushes exist? What are the differences between square round brush and electric round brush for hair? When do you need to use a large round blow dry brush and professional round brush?

Below, there is a list of 14 top-rated round brushes that I have already tested and with which you can do different hairstyles as well as keep your hair straight permanently.

1. Best Thermal Round Hair Brush: Olivia Garden NanoThermic 24mm

Olivia Garden is one of the most popular brands of round styling brushes for different purposes and hair types. Their assortment includes heat round brush, large round brush for blow-drying, round ceramic brushes, ergo professional round brushes, etc. NanoThermic 24 mm has the following features:

  • anti-bacterial protection;
  • a ceramic coating so the heat is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the brush;
  • boar bristle round brush has a unique bristle design;
  • additional large vents that were created to reduce the drying time.

Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic

9.3Expert Score

The usage results: Olivia Garden round brush is a good choice if you are looking for the round brush for thick hair. It adds a shiny and healthy effect on your hair. The drying time is extremely short because large vents provide greater airflow. I really recommend this hot air around the styling brush!


  • unique bristles design;
  • ion round brush;
  • anti-bacterial protection.
  • sometimes the end of the barrel gets extremely hot, and you can burn the neck.

2. Cricket Round Brush: Barrel Hair Brush, XX-large Round, 2 Inch

Cricket technique round brush allows you to create amazing blowouts. Cricket is a well-known brand that produces professional hairdressing products at fair prices. Their round hair brushes are widely used in professional salons and at home. And this comb is a good choice for both professionals and amateurs. Its main features include:

  • round hairbrush with thermal ionic bristles;
  • the bristles are fully heat resistant;
  • suede-like grip;
  • this round boar bristle brush is available for different styling techniques.
9.2Expert Score

The usage results: in fact, it is one of the best professional round brushes existing on the market. This rounded brush has ionic bristles with tourmaline. It helps to seal the cuticle, infuse the moisture into the hair shaft and scalp while smoothing the hair. Cricket technique round brush is great for fast freestyling and is comfortable in use.


  • this round blow drying brush is suited well for detangling the hair;
  • technique thermal bristles;
  • anti-bacterial ionic round boar bristle brush.
  • there are a lot of fakes, so be attentive when buying it.

3. Round Heated Brush by Perfecter: Power Styler

Perfecter is another well-known hairstyling manufacturer of the round brushes. Except for round hair brushes, they have a whole line of other hair styling tools and products in their assortment. Their products are always in the Amazon Best Sellers ranks. The most popular is the original Perfecter Fusion Styler. Its main features include:

  • perfecter fusion styler heated round brush;
  • ionic technology that helps to hydrate your hair;
  • one of the best ceramic round hair brushes to add a smooth shiny effect to your hair;
  • best boar and nylon round brush;
  • stay cool technology;
  • the possibility to regulate the temperature manually.

The usage results: it is a professional heated round brush with which you can create beautiful hairstyles. For this, simply straighten your hair, lift, and smooth it.

9Expert Score

Also, the brush is one of the best round brushes for volume. Due to its unique technologies like ionic and stay-cool, you can be sure that your hair will look shiny, healthy, and you won’t burn the neck.


  • round hairbrush with ionic technology;
  • ceramic heating;
  • the innovative cool technology feature.
  • expensive;
  • only two settings: high and low temperature.

4. Spornette No.312 Deville Hair Brush

Spornette round hair brushes company is one of the oldest hair styling brands which was created in the 1950s. Their products are always developing and improving with the market and today they still use only advanced technologies. On a regular basis, the company introduces new Spornette round brushes which quickly become one of the most loved products among stylists.

Spernette No.312 Deville Hair Brush has lots of advantages such as:

  • good blowout round brush for short hair length;
  • excellent round brush blow dryer: the bristles were designed to quickly smooth your hair when it is used with the heat blowing;
  • the best boar bristle round brush for fine hair;
  • easily adds lift and volume to your hairstyle;
  • Spornette round boar bristle brush is lightweight and not big in size.
8.7Expert Score

The usage results: Spornette round brush can be used for different hairstyles. For example, for lifting, smoothing, creating blowouts, or adding small waves. The round boar bristle brush has a small bristle’s diameter, which makes it a well-suited choice if you are looking for a round brush for a bang. Not only women but also men can use it.


  • 100% boar round hairbrush;
  • can be used both for men and women;
  • has round brush small bristles;
  • it is suited for different hairstyles.
  • it is more expensive if compared with other models;
  • for someone, the round brush boar bristles may seem too stiff.

5. Boar Bristle Round Brush: Blow Dry Round Hair Brush by Care Me

Care Me is a well-known company that creates 100% round brushes with boar bristles. After using this natural round hairbrush, believe me, your locks will look healthy and shiny.

Additionally, the brush has even more features: advanced honeycomb design which makes it perfect for blowouts; this round brush hair dryer reduces the blowing time by 50% due to the vented ceramic core which distributes the heat evenly; 100% natural boar bristle round brush; nano-ionic haircare technology.

One secret: Monica usually uses this boar bristle round brush for women with fragile hair.

The usage results: the round boar bristle brush has lots of advanced technologies to make your hairstyle fast and unique. It is suited for the most hair types, like fine, normal, thick, and frizzy.

8.4Expert Score

Please note, I always hear from the girls that they experienced bristles breaking during the usage of such a round boar bristle brush. Don’t be scared, it is normal. The only way you can avoid this is to use synthetic or nylon round hairbrush instead of a round boar bristle brush.


  • a lot of positive feedback;
  • not expensive;
  • has technologies that protect your hair from the heating.
  • not suited for short hair.

6. Perfect Style Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush, 2″ Barrel

Who has not heard about Revlon? It is not an exaggeration to say that Revlon is one of the largest American multinational companies. It was founded in 1932. Today, Revlon has a lot of products in the following beauty industries: cosmetics, fragrance, personal care, skincare, and so on.

You can read more about this giant on the beauty arena on the Wikipedia Revlon page. Of course, one of the directions in company development is creating round brushes. Specifically, this comb has the following features:

  • helps retaining moisture;
  • Revlon round brush reduces frizz;
  • bristles glide easy.
8.1Expert Score

The usage results: you can be sure that the hair will look healthy and shiny. This round bristle brush especially is good for girls with straight locks. The round dryer brush has vented, and a ceramic barrel helps to distribute the heat evenly.


  • frizz reducing feature;
  • quickly dry the hair;
  • helps retain moisture.
  • not suited for all hair types;
  • more expensive than other large round brushes for hair.

7. Conair Round Brush: Pro Hair Brush with Nylon Bristle

Conair Corporation is another notable key player in the beauty industry which was founded 60 years ago. It sells the products for both professional stylists and consumers.

I always recommend their round hair brush for blow drying to those people who only make the first steps in the beauty industry. They have good quality and are not expensive. Moreover, according to different ranks, Conair products was recognized many times as “The #1 Hairbrush Brand”.

This comb has the following features:

  • perfect design for blow-drying;
  • has ball-tipped bristles;
  • like all the non-metal round brushes, it has a soft rigid grip.
8Expert Score

The usage results: you can be sure that it is a perfect round brush for thick hair. Don’t hesitate to use it to create curly or wavy hair. A specially designed soft ridged grip creates a comfortable hold in the arm. Conair’s beauty technology allows you to create salon-like hairstyles at home.


  • special bristles with ball tip do not pull your hair;
  • best round hairbrush in its price range;
  • ridged grip.
  • sometimes ball-tipped bristles break down.

8. Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Shaper Square Hair Brush (2″)

I have already mentioned the Oliva Garden brand in my rank. And there is no surprise that another product of this company appears here again. Olivia Garden was founded in 1967 in Belgium.

The company’s mission is to provide consumers with innovative and advanced salon tools. Therefore, they have over 55 patents and working in 102 countries across the world. This hairbrush has lots of advantages:

  • innovative and latest ceramic technology;
  • the heated round brush heats up faster and retains the heat longer;
  • the barrel is coated with ceramics;
  • NT-S50 feature.

The usage results: it is one of the best brushes on the list, because of the high-quality materials and shapes the comb uses. As for me, I bought this round heated brush several months ago and it is still as good as new. Be sure that your hair will not slip and you can create any hairstyle fast and easy.

  • well-known brand;
  • good-quality materials;
  • ceramic technology.
  • no heat protection on the barrel.

9. Premium Round Brush for Blow Drying: Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush

Moroccanoil company is based in New York. Their main bestsellers are oil-infused hair and skin products with shine-boosting vitamins and acids which were designed for improving your hair health. Moreover, the company actively works on creating a large online community. On their official social pages, you can find specially designed style courses, lookbooks, and secret beauty tips.

Moroccanoil Ceramic 55 mm Round Brush

Moroccanoil has made even an academy for the stylists with different professional levels. To tell the truth, I follow their educational advice. They contain a lot of useful information.

Moroccanoil round brushes became very popular among professional stylists due to their beautiful design and special technologies for hair healing. This ceramic comb is one of the best round brushes for the medium-length hair which is made from the salon-grade materials. Moreover, the ceramic large round brush uses ionic technology which reduces drying time.

The usage results: I really recommend you this round hair brush for blow drying for creating loose waves or adding volume to your hair. Due to its high-quality materials, the locks look healthy and shiny. Ceramic and ionic properties provide even heat distribution, and that decreases drying time.

  • high-quality materials;
  • unique ceramic technologies
  • fast round brush blow-dry;
  • great appearance;
  • ion round hairbrush.
  • quite an expensive blow out the round brush.

10. Conair Quick Blow Dry Pro Round Brush, Small

Today Conair is a big private company with a long brand history that produces and sells the products for hair appliances and personal care. It was founded in 1959 in a garage in Queens, their first products were hair rollers and then hair dryers. As the company was growing, the new products were added.

Today their assortment ranges from round roller hairbrush and styling irons to light therapy skin treatments and innovative round brush curlers. Besides this, Conair brushes are one of the best in the world.

Moreover, did you know that Conair is just a big corporation that includes a lot of different brands such as BaByliss, Interplak, Scünci, One ‘n Only, and so on? The full list of their brands you can find on the Conair Corporation Wikipedia page. So, if you find a BaByliss round brush blow dryer in the shop, now you will know that it was produced by Conair.

The usage results: Conair comb is the best round hairbrush for a number of different hairstyles. It is the perfect choice even for blowing thick, long, and curly hair. In fact, the handle is comfortable with a nice grip. Due to its simple design, it is an easy to clean round brush.

The hair will be smooth, bouncy, and silky. These effects are visible no matter if your hair is wet or dry during the brushing. If you want to dive deeper, check out some professional advice on how to get healthy and silky hair.

  • you can easily blow dry hair with a round brush by Conair;
  • affordable price;
  • air thermal feature;
  • ball tips that don’t snag the hair;
  • the heated round brush for faster hair drying.
  • as it is a heated round brush, it can damage your hair.

11. Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying

Initially, Osensia started their business from producing natural hair products which repair, replenish, revive, and renew your locks. Today, Osensia hair care is a well-known brand among professional stylists. Their products are made from high-quality natural ingredients that are suitable for all hair types, even for color-treated or damaged hair.

The shampoos are sulfate-free and never tested on animals. For now, on the Osensia site, you can find not only hair care products but also salon tools, paddle brushes, or round brushes.

The company produces a big round brush and a travel-size round hairbrush which differs in barrel diameter. I am sure that everybody can find round brushing hair products exactly for their type of locks. This comb has the following features:

  • innovative ceramic and ion technology like the Ergo round brush uses;
  • it has a flawless volume zone between big bombshell and sticks straight;
  • venter round brush that reduces the time to dry;
  • this hot round brush can withstand the temperature up to 428°F/220°C;
  • antistatic bristles that prevent hair damage and keep it healthy.

The usage results: Osensia round brush technique allows you to save your hair shine and not to damage it. The comb has a multihole barrel which provides you with heavy airflow. I assure you that Olivia does not produce a hair tangled round brush.

  • ionic-infused technology;
  • antibacterial coverage;
  • multi-hole barrel;
  • high heat withstanding.
  • there is not a detachable round brush.

12. Round Brush Set: Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic Ionic Round Thermal 4 Brushes Kit

It is not hard to notice that I am a really big fan of Olivia Garden’s products. It is already the third item and only in this article. Their round hair brushes are the worldwide winners of more than 10 competitions from popular industry magazines such as InStyle, Better Homes & Gardens, Beauty Launchpad, and more.

On the official site, you can find perfectly designed small round brushes, brushes for medium and long hair, eco-friendly bamboo brushes, or the best boar bristle round brush.

The company was established by the married couple Оean & Micheline Rennette in 1967 and still remains one of those who set the tone for the industry development. One of the evidence is that their large round brush, hot round brush, and other brushes types are often used in TV shows, movies, and even on the New York Fashion Week.

This set is one of the must-have travel size hair products. You can buy this brushes kit for a gift or as an addition to your travel round hairbrush. The kit includes 4 different NanoThermic brushes created from high-quality materials and has the following features:

  • snag-free ring;
  • detachable round brush set;
  • lightweight round hairbrush;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • NanoThermic ceramic + ion technology.

The usage results: this brushes set is an excellent variant that suits a number of different hairstyles and types. The soft rubber makes it very comfortable for use. Moreover, the price is really nice as for the salon-like styling tool.

  • high-quality materials;
  • famous brand;
  • affordable price;
  • lightweight.
  • be careful, because there are a lot of various product fakes.

13. Wet Round  Brush: J&D Beauty Wet Pro Blowout Brush

The wet round brush is a well-known salon tool that was designed, first of all, for the wet hair. You probably hear that the locks are very vulnerable after showering. As a result, they can be easily damaged, therefore it is important to have the best round hairbrush that gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking the hair.

The round wet brush was made with the famous detangling bristles in lots of shapes and sizes. You can find a round boar bristle brush for traveling, a round brush for blow-drying, and more.

Moreover, as a girl, I always pay attention to the design. And these brushes are colorful and beautiful. J&D Beauty Wet Pro Epic Blowout Brush was created for dry and wet hair and can be used for both men and women. The comb has a carbon-infused barrel.

The usage results: the brush is perfect for blowing your hair. The effect is strong and lasts for a few days. It doesn’t tangle, snag, or damaged hair.

  • can be used on wet hair;
  • carbon-infused barrel;
  • beautiful design;
  • intelliFlex bristles that effortlessly slide through the hair.
  • too expensive.

Honorable mention

14. Calista Round Brush (currently not available)


And now I prepared one surprise for you. Above I told you about the round brushes that you can purchase on Amazon anytime. But this product is not available to buy, for now, nevertheless, I think that it is worth to mention it. Maybe, in the future, this item will be back in stock. It’s a heated round brush by Calista.

The brand’s owner and mastermind are Maria McCool who’s been one of the world-famous stylists for over 25 years. I really like companies which were created by people who know all the problems and weaknesses of their industry. Maria was the beauty educator when she decided to open the company and deliver her own solutions to people.

From the bio ionic square round brush to the best large round boar bristle brush, each item takes away the pain points and makes the brushing process fast and pleasant. This comb from Calista will easily help you to add volume, frizz-free, or smooth the hair. Moreover, the heated round brush has a ceramic and ionic technology and high-quality bristles.

The usage results: this Fusion hair comb helps you to smooth the locks, and create a frizz-free hairstyle. After using, you will see the results instantly: volume, shiny and healthy hair.

In fact, I really recommend you to try this hot round brush. And if you like to make your hair straight, read about hot comb tools from Monica that save your time and straighten the hair without damaging it.

  • the best blow dry brush round to adding volume to your hair;
  • ceramic + ion technology;
  • salon-like bristles;
  • perfect for fine hair.
  • not available for purchase on Amazon for now.

Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Here I want to mention the most popular questions that I get from my friends, subscribers, or readers. But, as a normal person, I may be missing something, so if you have any interesting questions, story, or advice on how to choose and use the best round hairbrush, please, share this in the comments.

How to choose a good round brush for your hair type?

There are lots of factors and pitfalls that influence your choice. They include size, the time you need to blow the hair, heat settings, and materials. Here are some tips on how to select the most suitable round brushes according to your hair type:

  • if you have oily or straight hair avoid ionic round hair brushes;
  • your best choice for fine hair is boar bristle round brush;
  • curly hair needs nylon + boar bristles;
  • for medium-thick hair, the best round brush for blow-drying is the one with nylon bristles.

If you do not know what type of hair you have, don’t worry. You can determine it in a few minutes.

How to use a round hairbrush?

Surprisingly, a lot of girls and even stylists do not know how to use round brushes correctly. It’s time to rectify the situation. So, how to round brush hair? First of all, prepare your hair by massaging some volume mousse into the roots, and apply heat protectant gel. After that, wrap your brush around the locks and start to pull it down with the blow dryer. And in the end, before you remove the brush, twist it three times. That’s all!

How to clean round hairbrushes?

Even the best brush can be spoiled if you do not know how to clean it. Remember that you should do it on a regular basis, best after each use. This process includes several steps. First of all, accurately remove hair from the brush with a tooth or a comb.

Then shampoo the hairbrush and remove all the dirt or other hair products. For this, put a couple of shampoo drops on the bristles of a toothbrush and use it to scrub the bristles and base of the hairbrush. In the end, leave the brush on a dry towel. Bristles should be faced down.

To Sum Up

So, now you know about the round hair brushes even more than some stylists. I am serious 🙂 You know how to choose the best round brush for blowout according to your hair types; how to use a round brush; when you need to purchase round boar bristle brush and when with nylon, and much more.

Remember, the key to strong and healthy hair starts with the process of brushing. When your hair is wet, it is very fragile and you can easily damage it during styling.

That is why the quality of your round brush plays a key role in this process. So, tell your friends about how to blow dry hair with a round brush, or you can find a lot of different videos on YouTube and see how to create a luxurious, salon-quality blowout of your dreams!

I really hope that you have learned new and useful information from this article. If I am right, share what amazed you the most and what comb you have chosen in the comments below. Of course, if you need help or advice with round brush boar and nylon bristles, feel free to ask for it.

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  2. Hi, Chloe! The article is great! The main reason I bought my round brush hair dryer because I was looking for a simple straightening tool for my hair. I have thick back length hair and each time I want to dry my hair with a hair dryer it takes a very long time. But with the blow out brush like this I spend literally from 5 to 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

  3. Thanks for recommending these! I was looking for best round brushes for fine hair and I finally came across your review. I got myself a boar bristle round brush and after testing it I think that having a blow out round brush in a bag really convenient. It saves my time every morning before work which means it saves me from having to cut my hair.

  4. Nice to see another fan of Olivia Garden products. I’m using a round brush set makeup for several years and can’t imagine anything more durable and reliable tool than this. I change my hairstyle very often and that’s why I have a round paint brush for every occasion. But for anyone having straight long hair I would recommend Revlon Perfect style. I consider it the best round brush for blowouts for its comfortable handle and soft nylon bristles.

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  8. I was told that the best round brushes for thick hair should have boar bristles. That’s why I decided to try it out and got myself a J&D Blowout brush. The claims were true, I won’t buy some cheap plastic comb from the local store anymore. It’s perfect both for home and travel, that’s why I always keep it in my bag.

  9. I have Olivia Garden Round makeup brush set and it’s absolutely fantastic. I struggled to find something like this since I first saw it in local beauty salons. Having one of these after using hundreds of cheap barrel brushes completely changed my look for better. Paired with Ghd hair dryer I would say it’s the best round brush for blowout you can get for such a small amount of money.

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  11. I’ve seen my hairstylist is using one of these, I think it was a brush by J&D Beauty. I have super vulnerable midlength hair and thus I’m not using any brushes at all, but my stylist advised me to try a wet round brush because it’s soft and delicate. At first, I was skeptical about it, but then I quickly realized it really doesn’t damage my hair. It was pricey, but it’s totally worth it in my case.

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  13. I have a Spornette hair brush and I like it because it’s both simple and versatile. I have type 2a hair with a short length and it’s really hard to find proper styling tools suitable for me. But in this case, I got a jackpot. It’s smooth and even adds some slight waves! I didn’t know I could get waves with my hair type! Even my husband borrows it sometimes and I’m so angry about it. I would just buy him another one if round brush small and cheaper variant exists.

  14. When talking about best round brushes for volume my choice is obvious and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one thinking like this. I’m talking about Perfecter Power styler, which I use for almost two years. It does require some practice to use though. If you want to know how to blow dry hair with round brush like this you should definitely get heat protectant gel as mentioned in the article.

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    I love Olivia Garden NanoThermic brush because it heats up quickly and is so easy to use. I never knew how much I needed one until I got this one.

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