CHI Hair Straighteners: Comparison and Reviews of the Best Models

If you are the lucky owner of curly, wayward hair, you surely know how difficult it is sometimes to set hair as accurately as possible. Separate locks, so flyaway and tousled, make this process especially time-consuming and irritating.

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The only thing that can really help you in such a situation is a flat iron, such as the CHI hair straightener. This device is particularly helpful in the morning, when you are pressed for time and as busy as never.

Holding a cup of coffee in one hand you’re trying to style your hair with the other, asking your husband to hurry up and glowering at the kids who are playing with their breakfasts. Recognize yourself? Then put all your stuff aside and get acquainted with my hair straightener reviews.

5 Best CHI Hair Straighteners: Reviewed

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I’ve selected the best models in terms of quality, functionality, the speed of heating, and other parameters. These devices are sure to satisfy you even in the busiest mornings, then why not cheer yourself up with such a profitable purchase?

1. PRO G2 Digital Infused Ceramic CHI Titanium Flat Iron – Top Pick

This model features ceramic plates with titanium infused covering that ensures higher durability and additional smoothness. This means that you’ll easily cope with even very curly and unmanageable hair in no time and with minimum effort.

Besides, the manufacturer provides in this CHI professional straightener a powerful ceramic heater, accompanied by the high-end technology of fast heating. The iron reaches the necessary temperature level in 40 seconds or even less.

As for the temperatures offered by this device, they’re also very impressive. As mentioned in most CHI straightener reviews, this model heats up to 425°F, which is enough even for the coarsest locks. The color coding won’t let you get mixed while styling your hair early in the morning. There are three colors shown on display, each for its hair type.

Besides, you can set the necessary temperature level manually, adjusting to your personal requirements. With this model of Ultra CHI hair straighteners, you’ll easily create attractive curls, waves, and flocks on both long and short hair, as well as make your hairstyle more volumetric or smooth.

The cherry on top is device’s possibility to produce moist heat. This means that your hair won’t be processed by hot and dry air, as it is done in most other CHI Nano flat irons, but with delicate steam. This is especially important for thin, damaged, fragile, and color treated hair.

One more thing worth mentioning is that the straightener keeps consistent temperature without any cooling. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your styles when using this CHI flat iron titanium for a prolonged period of time.

9.1Expert Score

The width of its plates is 1”. The device’s dimensions are 13.5” to 1” to 6.8”. The product’s shipping weight is approximately 2.2 pounds. This variation of CHI turbo flat irons has a swivel cord and dual voltage and is offered with a two-year warranty. The set comes with a temperature-resistant bag for storage and transportation.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • the model produces moist heat, not dry hot air
  • it has a digital screen with color coding for different hair types
  • with PRO G2 Digital Infused Ceramic CHI Titanium Flat Iron, you’ll easily make different types of hairstyles
  • the model heats up to the necessary level in 40 seconds
  • titanium infused ceramic plates have become more smooth and durable
  • in some CHI reviews users note that they’d like the straightener to heat up faster
  • the model doesn’t have curved plates

2. CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron – Good Value

This is a perfect model for those who are not experienced enough in using hair straighteners. In other words, this can be your first CHI straightening device – and you’ll easily cope with it. It has a wide range of functions, from hair smoothing to making pretty curls and beach waves. Select any you like!

But if you still cannot decide which straightener to choose out of flat irons and hair straightening brushes read our detailed review that will help you.

In this CHI Ultra flat iron review, I can’t but mention that the model is offered in pink, black, blue, and a wide range of other colors, with ergonomic design and user-friendly control panel. Its tourmaline plates guarantee extra smoothness of your locks, while the technology of even heat distribution makes the process of hairstyles creation as comfortable as possible. The width of the plates is 1”, which means that it’s suitable for both long and short locks.

This representative of CHI straighteners (Amazon) reduces the level of statics and removes frizz, making your hair shiny and silky. Thus, you get an excellent opportunity to make your locks not only well-coiffed but also much healthier than before. The model is suitable for all types of hair.

As mentioned in most Ultra CHI flat iron reviews, the model is equipped with a 9’ swivel cord and dual voltage. It is offered with a two-year limited warranty. The product’s dimensions are 12.4” to 4.1” to 2.2”, the weight is 1.19 pounds.

8.8Expert Score

The temperature of the device ranges from 180°F to 410°F, which is a bit less than in other CHI 1” flat irons. This level of heating has been selected by the manufacturer intentionally: it doesn’t let inexperienced users burn their hair.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Ultra CHI Flat Iron is suitable for all types of hair
  • it lets the user create all types of hairstyles, including waves, curls, etc.
  • the lower range of temperatures won’t let you burn your hair
  • the model can boast a stylish and ergonomic design, as well as a user-friendly control panel
  • the model can seem too simple to a more experienced user

3. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Iron – Premium Choice

It is a professional device aimed at experienced users and hair-dressers. The apparatus is offered in an elegant black color, with no printing, which emphasizes its professional focus.

The core benefit of this hair iron CHI is that it features a mode button with a number of built-in temperature regimes. With this device, you won’t have to lose time trying to set the necessary heat, as all the regimes will be ready at hand.

This representative of CHI hair irons has a digital display with color coding for showing the current temperature. If you have thin, damaged hair, select the blue color; if your locks are medium thickness, your color is green; as for coarse, thick hair, they should be styled at the red color. The highest heat level in this CHI straightener model is 425°F.

One more advantage of the model is that its plates are even more durable and smooth than the ones of other devices. Its plates are very similar to Remington ones. The titanium coat lets them easily straighten even very coarse, wayward curls.

In order to make the process of hair styling simpler and faster, the manufacturer has provided this CHI straightener with a unique ceramic heater. It allows this CHI Pro flat iron heat up to the necessary temperature in only 40 seconds. The model has dual voltage and is offered with a two-year warranty.

In my CHI flat iron reviews, I can’t but bring up that there is a stylish red bag in a kit. You can store your device, as well as transport it in the safest and the most comfortable conditions. The width of the straightener’s plates is 1.25”, which makes it an ideal variant for long hair.

9.2Expert Score

The manufacturer notes that it is a device for new generation styling, and this is a really promising statement. The size of this CHI professional flat iron is 12.25” to 3.375” to 7”. The weight amounts to 2.225 lbs.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • the model features a color coding digital display
  • it has a preset set of temperature regimes
  • this hair straightener CHI can heat up to 425°F in 40 seconds
  • the straightener is suitable for all types of hair
  • with this device, you’ll easily create a wide range of hairstyles and hairdos
  • some users would prefer the iron to heat faster, in 30 seconds, for instance
  • the model has no swivel cord

4. Smart Gemz CHI Hair Straightener

This model is made in pleasant blue or pink color with metallic printing. The manufacturer used a unique zirconium and titanium technology so that the device’s plates could straighten even very curly hair.

If you want to find out how to straighten natural hair without heat, consider our featured methods.

This CHI hair iron is also designed for creating a wide range of hairstyles and hairdos based on waves and curls. According to the manufacturer, this model creates smooth and long-lasting styling surfaces on all types of hair. It’s suitable for both thick and thin locks, as well as damaged ones.

CHI Smart Gemz Irons

But the major advantage I’d like to note in my Smart Gemz Volumizing Zirconium Titanium CHI straightener review is that it produces a greater amount of negative ions than all the rest devices of this brand. And this factor is crucial for people with thin and damaged hair.

The CHI straightening iron distributes heat evenly across the whole surface of the plates so that the user could get perfect curls irrespective of the hair length. The curved design of the plates is aimed at all types of curls, waves, flips, and so on.

You can simply add some volume to your hairstyle – this CHI straightener offers a wide range of pleasant opportunities. For flipping your hair, for instance, simply set the iron at mid-shaft, whereafter start rotating it away from your head.

One more thing I should mention about this model is that it goes with a convenient two pocket thermal bag. You can put even the hot device inside the bag – it resists high temperatures.

When curling hair with CHI flat iron Smart Gemz Volumizing Zirconium Titanium, you can also use three hairstyling clips that are included into the set. They make the process of hair sectioning and styling much easier and faster. And this is a big deal, especially in the morning, when you are in a hurry, isn’t it?

This model of CHI straighteners (Amazon) weights 454 g. Its dimensions are 12″ to 4″ to 2″. The plates’ width is 1″. The range of the model’s temperatures varies from 370°F for thin hair to 410°F for thick locks. The temperature settings can be easily adjusted.

8.6Expert Score

This representative of CHI hair straighteners is heated up to the necessary temperature in less than 30 seconds. There is a built-in system of an automatic cut-out in an hour so that you could use this device with maximum safety.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • this CHI hair tool is designed for all types of hair
  • the model features curved plates that let users create various hairstyles
  • it enriches hair with negative ions better than other CHI flat irons
  • it heats up to the necessary temperature in 30 seconds or even faster
  • some users say that the curls and waves made with this flat iron CHI do not hold for long. This, however, depends on the hair rather than the device itself

5. CHI Flat Iron Smart Kit

This model has a very attractive design. Made in purple or pink color, it has a nice white printing with the touches of blue and violet. Such a beautiful, unique design makes this model of CHI straighteners more attractive to buyers, than its analogs. It’s pleasant to take such a nice device and use it while getting ready for a new working day, and that means a lot!

CHI Smart Titanium Hairstyling Ikat Kit

One more advantage of this CHI straightener model is that there is not one, but two irons in a set. Thus, a purchaser gets a full-size device with 1” ceramic and titanium plates plus a travel-size iron with the plates of ¾”. The curved edges let users play around with beautiful hairstyles and hairdos.

Besides, the CHI styling tool Iron Smart Kit includes a thermal accessory bag and three hair clips. The bag is suitable even for hot irons. Such a pleasant set of devices and accessories will satisfy any purchaser, given that the price of the set is more than reasonable.

CHI Iron Smart Titanium Hairstyling Kit has a rich set of functions: it lets a user make a variety of hairstyles, including curls, waves, flips, and so on, add volume to hair, make them ideally smooth and silky.

The manufacturer says that this straightener lets a user achieve excellent results in no time. And indeed, this model of CHI ceramic irons can heat up to 410°F. It consistently preserves this temperature, cooling down only during the 15-second recovery periods. For additional safety, the device features an automatic limit switch.

This CHI big flat iron is suitable for all types of hair, including very long and short ones. The technology of even heating makes the plates particularly safe for thin and damaged hair. This feature is combined with the device’s superior glide, which is achieved due to its ultra-smooth ceramic plates.

As a result, the owner of this CHI straitening iron gets the opportunity to create a variety of hairstyles in any circumstances. He’ll easily set the necessary temperature in accordance with his hair type: lower heat for thin hair, and hotter settings for thick and curly locks. However, if your hair is very thin, consider electric straightening brush to protect hair from overheating.

8.4Expert Score

The model has a 9’ long cord. The sizes of these CHI hair tools are 10″ to 1-1/2″. The bag’s measurements are 13″ to 3-1/2″ to 2″. The model is offered with one year warranty.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • the kit includes two CHI straightening irons — a full-size one and a Travel one
  • the devices can heat up to 410°F in several seconds
  • they are suitable for all types of hair and a variety of hairstyles
  • these CHI titanium flat irons can boast very attractive, original design
  • the kit includes a useful thermal accessory bag
  • for some users, a 9’ long cord may seem not long enough.
At the end of my CHI original flat iron reviews, I’d like to ask if you agree with my selection of models. Have I really featured the best models of this brand? Or maybe, you prefer some other CHI straighteners? Share your viewpoint with me! I’ll be glad to discuss your ideas concerning these high-quality, functional, and stylish devices that make our life so much easier.

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