Our Editorial Principles

At HairScream.com, our team always strives to gather as much practical information as possible when preparing material for articles. To provide you with only useful and safe information, verified by our experience, we use editorial principles. This means that we pay attention to even the smallest details about hair care and the different hair care appliances: hair dryers, combs, curling irons and straighteners, different hair coloring techniques, etc.

There are a few basic guidelines that we always adhere to when writing any article.


We regularly update information in articles: we update outdated data and add new, field-tested information to articles. We also make sure that all research is done through reputable sources, so we can provide you with only the best and most up-to-date content available today.


Our principle for responsible hair care information is to provide information in our articles that is trustworthy and meets high standards. We also strive to educate our readers on how they can use various hair care products and appliances safely for their health. All of this will help in creating their own personal, exclusive look. Also, we always warn about any dangers when using this or that hair product and recommend to contact a specialist immediately, in case of any allergic reaction or any other sudden complications.


We are open to communication and any user can ask a question and get it answered by a specialist from our team. Also, we let you know that we are members of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and receive a commission when you click on our links and purchase an item you are interested in. It helps to put those small finances into our Blog and continue to delight you with useful and relevant information. And we always include the source of the information, so you know where we get our data from.


We are truthful and honest in our reviews on our website. If a new product or hair care product gets a lot of complaints or is discontinued, we immediately change the article to include all the reasons not to buy or use the product.


Although we are affiliated with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, our product reviews and ratings are our personal opinions only. We provide our expert opinion and test many products in our work. Our opinion may not be the same as what the product manufacturer claims, because it is our experience and how a particular hair care product or device has behaved that we talk about.

Adhering to the principles of our editorial policy, we carefully collect all possible information on the topic and test the products we review, whether it be hair dye, curling irons, any home hair care procedure or the operation and life of a hair dryer. This allows there to provide you with the best and truest reviews possible.

Ability to host guest posts

If you are a beauty expert and want to share your knowledge and skills with my readers, you are always welcome on my site hairscream.com. We have prepared detailed guidelines for guest posts. Please read them and contact me!

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