Guest Posting Guidelines

Want to write for my blog?

Great! I welcome beauty experts who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experience with my readers. Reveal your expertise and share stories regarding hairstyling, haircare, and hairstyling tools!

Please, read my guidelines carefully before submitting a post.

Content Focus

hairscream provides information on new styling tools, hair products, and the latest trends in hairdressing. Here you can find the latest reviews on straightening brushes, blow dryers, and hot air brushes. I also write about haircare and share useful styling tips on my blog.

Read the latest posts to understand what kind of articles I publish.

Which topics do I accept?

  • Hair Care Advice
  • Hair Tools
  • Hair Tips and Tricks
  • Styling Ideas and Techniques
  • Trending Hairstyles and Hot News

Before sending an article or submitting your pitch, please research the blog for a few minutes and make sure that your article topic hasn’t already been covered on

Content Format

  • “How to” post
  • Top lists
  • Recommendations and opinion pieces
  • Video or article tutorials

Article Requirements

  1. Must be 100% unique. I check articles for plagiarism.
  2. Must be written in good English and should contain excellent grammar and punctuation.
  3. Should be at least 1000 words.
  4. Should not be promotional.
  5. Two links (one in the author’s bio and one relevant link in the text) are acceptable. Links to commercial pages will be marked nofollow.
  6. Make your piece well-structured: use headings, subtitles, add bulleted lists and tables.
  7. Include a featured image that is original or labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification.
  8. All facts you provide should be backed by reliable sources, include all the links.

Important: We DON’T accept any paid posts for links or press releases. I reserve the right to edit articles for publication.

How to Submit

Pitch your article ideas to me via [email protected] along with 3-5 of your previous publications on reputable sources.

Looking forward to receiving your submissions!