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How Long Should You Wait to Bleach Your Hair Again: Expert Tips

How long should you wait to bleach your hair again? Bleach is not sensitive to your locks and can cause significant damage without the right attitude. If you only consider the possibility of bleaching your hair, you have to find out all the possible risks to cut the potential damage.

While I strongly recommend ignoring numerous myths about “melting” in bleach, I believe you need to use only the most reliable products and provide specific treatment before and after the procedure. Once you need to repeat bleaching, read this helpful article to make a plan.

Guide to Bleach Your Chevelure the Second Time

When can I bleach my hair again? Follow the next rules:

  • Wait at least three weeks if your strands are damaged;
  • If it is frizzy and dry afterward, postpone the procedure and treat your locks;
  • If your hair looks strong, healthy, and without split ends, you can repeat the bleaching procedure;
  • Use special masks with vitamins to restore it.

Everything You Need to Know About Bleaching

Every hair type requires a different time frame to rejuvenate since it has an individual pace of growth. However, I can provide you with general rules for bleaching. Take them into consideration if you want to have smooth and healthy locks.

How bleaching works

Before you learn how long to wait to bleach hair again, I advise you to find out what bleaching is and how it works. Bleaching is the procedure of discoloring the hair with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

Chemicals in hydrogen peroxide soak into the root and change its natural formula from inside, eliminating melanin that is responsible for hair color. You can’t properly dye black curls blond without using bleach.

Although bleach immediately discolors your hair, you will have to go through numerous procedures before you achieve the results you want. There can be several sessions of bleaching and dying to get the color you need.

During the first time, you can change the color from black to red, and only the second procedure will allow you to turn it to blond.

When is the time to bleach hair again?

Once you start bleaching, you have to organize a schedule. Many women keep asking the same question: how soon after bleaching hair can you bleach again? The answer depends on its condition. A common rule for everyone is not to bleach the hair again at least 2 weeks after the first session.

You have to wait not just a few days but more than two weeks if you don’t want to get bald. Your hair needs some time to restore after you damage it badly, changing the original components. Wait for a month or so if you can to restore the health of your locks.

You don’t have to wait for so long if you don’t want to. All you need is to check out whether your hair is healthy. Make sure that there are no damaged split ends and frizz. If your chevelure looks healthy, you can continue the transformation.

If it is your first time bleaching, some stylists can agree to repeat the procedure after a week. No matter what you choose, you need to understand that you will damage your hair and have to restore it several weeks afterward. Although, you can eliminate the level of damage with an appropriate attitude.

If this is not your first bleaching, and the hair is already damaged, wait for at least one month between the discoloring sessions. During this time, I recommend restoring your locks and avoiding heat-styling tools as much as possible, including blow dryers or straightening irons.

Your hair needs nourishment almost every day during this time since you’ve used chemicals on it. The answer to your question on how long to wait between bleaching hair is at least 3 weeks or more.

Caring about damaged hair

No matter how great your professional bleach is, it still damages your hair. After one session, it might look brittle and dry. You can easily notice the change when taking a shower. Still, you have to repeat the procedure to achieve the color you want.

So, if you ask me “can you re-bleach the hair,” my answer is yes. If you wonder whether it damages your hair, my reply is still positive. Whereas you make this damage by yourself, you can also partly fix it, providing the right treatment.

Use conditioner

Bleach gets inside the hair, changing its color and stripping all the moisture that was there. It means that your locks need to be supplied with water. The better you moisturize it, the healthier it will be. How can your locks receive moisture? You need to use a deep conditioner for it.

Increase the frequency of treatment up to 3 times per week during the next month. You can notice positive changes after several sessions. You can wrap your hair in a towel for better moisture absorption.

Don’t use heat

If you need heat styling tools in your daily life, you’d better reconsider your plans about bleaching. The damage will only double if you use any heat tool. It also includes blow-dryers: try to avoid them as much as possible.

If you can’t, adjust the lowest temperature settings and cut the time of device use. During the first several days, your hair will be too vulnerable to deal with heat. Give it some time to heal properly.

Don’t brush your hair too much

You have to let your scalp rest at least for some time. Bleach damages not only your hair but the skin as well. The scalp becomes more sensitive, and you can easily hurt your skin without proper treatment.

I recommend reducing the frequency of your usual brushing routine at least for the first couple of days. Make gentle strokes while brushing your strands.

Don’t gather your hair in a ponytail. Try to avoid any pressure you can potentially create on your scalp. You can still adjust the hair into a loose bun if you need.

Natural healers

Since you use strong chemicals on your hair, you have to cure it with natural remedies. Even your shampoo that contains sulfates can only intensify the problem.

My advice is to use only products without chemicals during this period. You can apply coconut oil, shea butter, and argan oil. Use every natural remedy that can restore the moisture in your hair and protect it.

How to prepare hair for the next bleaching

If the date of the new bleaching session is close, you have to intensify hair treatment. I recommend the next steps to prepare your hair for bleaching in advance:

  1. Deep condition your locks several times a week.
  2. Coconut oil is a must. Apply it once every two or three days. You can even leave the oil for a night and rinse it in the morning with shampoo.
  3. Forget about any extreme heat on your hair.
  4. Cut split ends if you have them.
  5. Don’t wash your hair the day before re-bleaching.

FAQ About Proper Time to Re-Bleach Your Hair

If you have more questions to ask me about bleaching your hair for the second time, you might find them here. If you have more to add to my answers, you are welcome to do it in the comments below.

Can I bleach my hair twice in 24 hours?

No, you can’t. Although no one can stop you from doing that, you might lose all your beautiful mane after this procedure. Apart from that, I don’t see any particular reason for doing this. The chemicals inside the strands will still be active. You have to relax and make them work.

Can I bleach the already bleached hair?

Yes, you can repeat the procedure after one month. Usually, it takes two sessions to reach the goal and turn from dark brown to blond, for example. If you are okay with the red color, you can stop after the first session or try bleaching hair naturally at home.

Yet, if you want to change the color from inside the hair, you have to repeat the procedure. This way, the new color will spread evenly and for a longer time.

How many times do I have to bleach my hair to get it platinum blonde?

It depends on your current color. If it is close to blonde, you might not need to bleach it at all. If your hair is darker, you might need one session.

If your natural hair color is close to black or deep brown, you might require two sessions of bleaching, but no more. You can stop at one procedure and check out the result. If you are satisfied with it, you will not need another one.

Bleach Your Hair Without Damage

It is impossible to use bleach and not affect your hair structure. Bleach contains chemicals that penetrate inside strands, helping you change the color to the desired one.

Everything you do has its consequences. It means that you have to restore your hair after using bleach. If you need two sessions, you have to wait for 3-4 weeks before you repeat. During this period, you have to take care of your hair more thoroughly than you usually do.

Have you ever used bleach before? Were you satisfied with the results? If you have more recommendations for others, you can leave them below.

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