Best Electric Head Shaver for a Baldy Look

In earlier times, the bald shaving style was more of a forced-choice rather than a trend. Men, who started loosing their hair, would prefer to have a clean shave rather than appear baldy. However, things seem to be changing in the current times. With more celebs like Dwayne Johnson adopting the style, other men are beginning to follow it as a fashionable trend.

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With the increased adoption, several companies are keen to take advantage of this. Among them are the brands that claim to make the best electric head shaver. Their mission is to make you baldy in style. Therefore, they have taken it upon themselves to make quality shavers for your new style.

I have taken the initiative of helping you to understand all the facts about these electric shavers/razors. Therefore, take your time to read my analysis on them.

Analysis of Top Electric Shavers

  1. Braun Electric Razor for Men Top Pick
  2. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men Runner Up
  3. Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver Plus Electric Razor
  4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110
  5. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 7500
  6. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit
  7. Wahl Professional 8061

To kick start this discussion, I will begin by observing the shavers known for delivering that exquisite baldy look. I will do it by assessing the respective brands and their features. Also, I will talk about their main strengths and weaknesses.

1. Braun Electric Razor for Men – Second Best Electric Razor for Head

Braun Series 7 is a brand giving the Panasonic Arch five huge competition for the top spot. Everything about these items is almost alike. You could even think that they have been produced by the same manufacturer. Though priced at a premium level, both of these brands give you a reason to think that they are worth every coin.

What is it I am talking about? Simply lift this machine, and you will get the feeling that it belongs in your hand. The chrome finishing applied to its plastic casing not only gives it that elegant look but also provides you with a comfy feeling while holding the product. A fine-textured rubber is situated at the backside of this machine. It offers you a comfortable and firm grip.

When it comes to the shaving of one’s head, the seven series utilizes four-way synchronized shaving elements. There are two outside blades, OptiFoils, aimed at cutting even very short hairs. Therefore, they will usually cut closer to the skin and give you that desired baldy look.

The active lift blades, on the other hand, are those at the center. Their role is to lift and trim any hairs that are lying close to your skin. The blades can cope even with such coarse hairs like the ones growing around your neck area. What they do is swinging from one side to another, hence managing to lift and cut the flat-lying hairs. This is something that cannot be found in every electric razor.

9.3Expert Score

Among numerous lovable aspects of the series seven, are its cool features. What I mean is the Pulsonic technology. It entails a process where the foil’s vibrations as caused by the motor, which enables the machine to capture and trim the stray hairs. This is one of the factors that make it deliver a cleaner shave as compared to other razors in this category.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • It has unique hexagonally-shaped OptiFoil for more efficient capture of stray hairs;
  • It offers three customization modes (extra-sensitive, normal, and intense) for a more personalized shave;
  • It has a flexible shaving system for better adaptation to your head’s shape;
  • It has a smart sensor that enables the machine to detect and adapt to your hair`s size and thickness.
  • It is one of the most expensive brands.

2. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men – Best Electric Shaver for Bald Head Overall

If there is an issue men are very sensitive about, it relates to shaving their heads. Doing it with the wrong equipment or procedure may be disappointing. There will be pimples or swellings appearing on your scalp. Worse of it, some of them are painful. However, Panasonic Arc 5 has made an effort to better the head-shaving experience.

The magic begins with the item`s use for shaving your head. For the sake of the users with sensitive skin, the brand has opted to go for the foil blades. This ensures that it is almost impossible to pinch your skin while shaving. The manufacturer has also provided five arched cutting elements that are independently positioned. This enables them to be flexible enough to reach hidden areas.

The higher number of cutting elements also increases the item`s efficiency. Think of it from the following perspective – with each cutting stroke, a lot of hair will be captured by these elements. The middle element is the quick-comb blade, the work of which is to cut any long hairs. This opens the way for the others to do the finishing touches.

The lift tech foils are the two blades above and below the quick-comb element. They have been arched in a manner that they will lift and trim any hair that is lying close to your skin surface. Finally, the finishing foils are the blades on the edges of the head. Their work is to apply the final touches required while shaving. They are the ones that ensure that you achieve that cool bald look.

9Expert Score

Another unique feature of this machine is its comfort rollers. They help you to feel at ease while shaving. They will roll as the shaving head comes into contact with your skin, causing the cutting element to glide and avoid hurting you.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • The flexible nature of its cutting elements ensure that you can conveniently cut hair in the hard-to-reach areas;
  • It can be utilized for both dry and wet shaving;
  • It has an automatic charging port that doubles as its cleaning station;
  • It will intelligently provide you with an update on your battery status.
  • You will have to save more to acquire this shaver.

3. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 7500 – the Innovative Electric Shaver for Bald Head

When it comes to the area of rotary electric shaver, the Norelco 7500 is surely staking a claim of dominance. For a long time, Philips has maintained things relatively simple when it comes to shavers. However, with this model, they decided to go all out and develop a gadget that would remind the competitors of their potential.

This cordless shaver is capable of lasting you fifty minutes when on a full charge. This is higher than what most competing products are capable of. The thing which is even more amazing is that it takes only one hour to be fully charged. This is significantly less time as compared to the other items in its class. Being able to work for longer and charge for a minimized time has actually made it a favorite among most professionals.

The Norcelo 7500 features three rounded rotary blades. You may think that this number is not as impressive as most shavers I have discussed here have five blades. However, the brand surely has covered this issue with some smart innovation.

8.7Expert Score

This machine’s shaving head has been made with a dynamically flexible system. This enables it to rotate in five different directions automatically. In turn, it enables the blades to reach every corner of your head and face.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • It has a battery that lasts longer and takes less time to charge;
  • It features an innovative cleaning system;
  • It can be used for both dry and wet shaving;
  • It has a travel lock that prevents you from accidentally switching it one while in transit.
  • Require a regular change of shaving heads to achieve a better user experience.

4. Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver Plus Electric Razor – Best Rotary Shaver for Bald Head

Back in the days, razors were commonly used by those people who wanted to make clean shaves either on their faces or heads. The inconvenience of the traditional razors is that you have to possess the right skills to use them. If you got the technique wrong, then you would surely end up hurting yourself. This, in particular, made most people hate them.

However, in recent times, things are getting easier. All you need to achieve similar results is a Pitbull Silver Plus Electric Razor.

This brand has used innovation to its advantage. By understanding how the razor works, the company has developed a shaver with five articulating rotating blades that offer maximum efficiency. This configured movement enables the blades to flex themselves based on the shape of your head for the best imaginable shaving experience.

The company argues that it has fully re-engineered its blades to achieve extra flexibility and carved shape for better multi-functional shaving. Based on the functionality and smooth shaving scores of this device, I would say the brand has totally nailed it.

A common thing that makes most men hate the idea of shaving their heads is figuring out how to hold the electric head razors. Some individuals will find themselves dropping the machines accidentally. At other times, you will fail to get it right while shaving the back of your head.

However, this is the issue that Silver Pitbull has addressed very effectively. For example, you can easily slide the gadget between your fingers when shaving the back of your head, face, and around the neck. You can also clutch it at the palm of your hand when shaving other parts of the head.

8.3Expert Score

For those men that love convenience, the cordless aspect is not the only thing you are going to like about this shaver. The brand`s innovation team has integrated the IPX5 water resistance technology into this model. This means that you can benefit from the option of shaving while being still in the shower. This feature is not something I have noticed in other trimmers that I have been using over the years.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • The machine has an innovative design for a better grip while using it, depending on your shaving needs;
  • CR3 blades for shaving your face and around the neck are also included in the packet;
  • It incorporates an innovative water resistance technology, thereby providing you with the option of shaving while showering;
  • Its articulating rotating blades ensure that you are guaranteed of a clean shave.
  • The brand could have included a battery that can last for longer.

5. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 – the Sharpest Head Shaving Machine

When you go shopping for a balding clipper, the main thing you are looking for is a gadget that guarantees you that smooth clean shave. In this case, you will not be disappointed by the Wahl 8110. The item is extremely sharp. I have heard certain customers in my barbershop complaining about the way this machine almost cut their scalp off, so sharp its blades are.

However, I have explained to them, and they were simply using the wrong equipment for the tasks they were performing. This is not the shaver you use to trim or give yourself a cut. All in all, their complaints prove that this clipper delivers the professional sharpness desired to give that clean bald shave. This is the reason why there aren’t many hair length settings in this gadget. The options available are only the 3/16th and 1/16th ones.

The precision sharpness of these blades has been matched by an equally strong electromagnetic motor. It means that the device has the ability to slice double the rate available in other forms of pivot motors. To help set your imaginations into motion, the power produced by this motor coupled with the sharpness of its blades will deliver clean shave closer to that of a razor.

However, you also get to benefit from increased speeds, accuracy, and comfort that individuals using a razor do not get to enjoy.

Another thing you are going to love about this closest head shaver is how quiet it is while in use. As a professional barber, I can tell you that one thing that clients, especially children, hate is a machine that vibrates on their heads. A person entrusted with the role of making them look smart can also be a turn-off. It actually becomes problematic when it begins to mess up with your preciseness.

7.9Expert Score

Also, from a professional perspective, I love how Wahl has tried to minimize the weight of this gadget. This is an issue the brand has addressed by making it more comfortable to handle and lighter as compared to the other devices. You will notice this advantage when using the machine for long.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • It is a corded version, which means you can work with it for a long time provided there is no power outage;
  • The machine has been equipped with a strong electromagnetic motor;
  • It features stainless steel chromium surgical blades;
  • Mminimal noise and vibrations while the item is in use.
  • Very sharp, hence if used wrongly, it may leave you with cuts on the head.

6. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit – Best Electric Shaver for Head in Terms of Versatility

When you think about simplicity and convenience, Remington will always be a class ahead of its competitors. The HC4250 has not disappointed in this respect. This gadget can comfortably fit at the palm of your hand yet it does all the work that all other shavers can do. Its minimalistic feature has made it popular amongst most men. Why not? The device is both portable and easy to use, especially when shaving the back of your head.

The design is not the only thing you are going to love about this machine. In addition, it has smart stainless steel blades that are self-sharpening. They are also made with a curvaceous broad shape. These specific aspects help to achieve two objectives.

The first is enabling it to achieve a uniform cut on every corner of your head. Another one is its capability to reach a bald shave at a faster rate than normal hair clippers would. Moreover, the blades require minimal maintenance as they have a self-sharpening characteristic.

7.8Expert Score

As part of the value for your money, this is a great example of the best electric head shaver which offers you a bonus of nine combs. This helps to contribute to the versatility of this machine. With these combs, you can be able to cut your hair to any length you like. Moreover, the package includes an adapter for charging the machine, brush, and lubricating oil for the shaver’s maintenance requirements.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • It can be used for both dry and wet shaving;
  • It comes with many accessories which improve its versatility and simplify the maintenance;
  • Its cordless nature contributes to its portability and ease of usage;
  • One of the easiest shavers to clean.
  • Some users complain that it does not perform well when used on longer hairs.

7. Wahl Professional 8061 – Best Foil Shaver for Head

A simple look at this machine – and you will refute the fact that it is a shaver. You will almost confuse it with the traditional tape recorders. The first thing I would say I love about Wahl 8061 is the color choice. The colors will remind you of the old times. They give the device a classic look that matches with its simple design.

You will also love this issue because of how hard the item is. This helps to bolster its durability and prevents internal damage even on impact. I cannot recall how many times I have dropped this gadget, and it continues to remain intact.

This machine has been suitably made to meet the needs of those men with sensitive skin. To achieve this objective, the manufacturer has concealed its blades using a hypoallergenic foil.

The producer claims that this is meant to ensure that they do not cause you any irritation or redness during and after shaving. This means that the shaving head will glide over your skin to give you that impressive baldy look. Moreover, it will never pull your hair follicles.

Which role is the Wahl 8061 better suited? In my case, I bought this machine specifically for beard shaving. While there are other shavers that also do an excellent job in this department, none of them is as gentle as this one. I had never heard a customer complaining about irritation when I used this machine. The manufacturer has done a great job of coating the blades.

7.7Expert Score

The machine will also serve you perfectly when performing finishing touches after undertaking a clean shave. Moreover, with all this great performance, you will be surprised at how it produces minimal noise and vibrations while working.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • It has an authentic classic look;
  • The hypoallergenic foil around its blades makes the machine a top choice for men with the sensitive type of skin;
  • It has an impressive record of a sixty-minute runtime when on a full charge;
  • It is a good product even for professionals in the haircare industry.
  • It lacks a signal to inform you when the battery levels are going down.

A Complete Buying Guide for Electric Head Shavers

In the previous section, I have discussed several gadgets you may consider as options for your hair trimming needs. In some product reviews, I have mentioned the harm of buying the wrong item for a given task. You may end up hurting yourself by using the right shaver for the wrong role. Therefore, to ensure you don’t fall victim to this plight, I will discuss some of the factors you may need to consider when buying these gadgets.

Understand Your Shaving Needs

From a scientific perspective, these machines are meant to help you make the work easier. However, this is not an objective that can be achieved if you are using the wrong tools for the right job. You have to get it right when selecting the gadget to meet your respective shaving needs.

For example, a simple or even pro hair clipper for trimming your facial hair cannot be used for cutting long hairs. The amount of hair will end up clogging your electric razor, thereby rendering it useless.

Lucky for you, companies specializing in making this kind of equipment understand your diverse shaving needs and have made gadgets suitable for each of your demand.

For example, there is a reason a balding clipper such as Wahl 8110 cannot be used for normal head or facial hair trimming. Firstly, it is extremely sharp, hence the machine can end up cutting you. On the other hand, the blades are curved in a manner to facilitate cutting your hair closer to the scalp.

Should I Use Foil or Rotary Shavers?

Another factor to consider when buying your head shavers is their working mechanism. This aspect is particularly important as skin sensitivity, and shaving purposes are the factors you will have to take into consideration.

Their working mechanism lies in the fact that foil shavers have floating blades concealed with both a mesh cover and foil. This is meant to prevent these blades from nipping your skin. It makes them ideal for cutting your hair and also good if you are one of those people who shave or smoothen their face and head each day.

Rotary blades, on the other hand, have flexible circular blades that rotate in a configured manner. This makes them a good option for cutting long hairs, including those in hard-to-reach areas. However, you should avoid them if you are a man with sensitive skin.

Water Resistance

This is another deciding factor that has been made prominent by consumer shaving needs. Because of having limited time, you may prefer shaving while in the shower. This being the case, you should prefer a shaver that has an integrated water resistance technology. It is also an important consideration if you have sensitive skin, hence have to use shaving creams or gels simultaneously with the machines.

Power Requirements

Another important factor when buying these gadgets is understanding their power profile. Do you want a corded or battery-powered shaver?

For professionals like me, the corded option is a better choice because you can be able to work for long without stopping. Unless there is a power outage, a professional can serve many clients without stopping to recharge. However, for those seeking flexibility, the battery-powered option is a better choice. You get to use it even while showering.

How Easy Is It to Clean?

Among the maintenance practices of these shavers is cleaning them after use. This helps improve their life span and also prevents you from getting infections as a result of using unhygienic gadgets. In this respect, foil shavers are easier to clean compared to their rotary counterparts.

More Details on Best Electric Razor for Bald Head

 Electric Razor for Bald Head

When it comes to personal care products, there is so much to talk about them. You cannot say confidently that you have exhausted everything about gadgets like shavers. That is why I would like to summarize my analysis by answering common questions that most consumers have about these items.

  • How often should I maintain my shavers?

The frequency of maintaining your shaving machine is determined by its usage. I am stating this because, as a rule, you must always clean and pour some oil on these devices after their usage. Most of the brands are generous enough to provide you with the oil and a manual on how to perform the maintenance practices.

  • What should I do when I cut myself while shaving?

Follow the necessary first aid procedure if you cut yourself while shaving. Begin by washing the cut with a disinfectant and clean cloth. Also, consider sealing it with a styptic pencil.

  • How do I avoid cuts while shaving?

One of the ways to avoid cutting yourself is by using each shaver for its right job. Another thing is by trying to get the right angle when shaving. This is how the machine comes into contact with your skin.

Thinking of Shaving Head with Electric Razor?

The good thing with technological evolvement is that it makes things better and easier for everyone. It allows for great things to be developed and help to solve the unique challenges individuals are facing. For example, in the past, straight razors were the tool of choice if you wanted to receive the best shave for bald head. However, with great innovation, things have gotten better with electric shavers/razors.

It is a great relief to have someone to present you with all the facts about these products. I have gone the extra mile by providing you with an analysis of electric shavers that are surely going to help you achieve that masculine bald look. I have mentioned even the cordless models that you can rely on when planning to travel.

Furthermore, I have presented you with detailed information on what to look for when buying these machines. So, considering the information I have shared, do you prefer the rotary or foil shavers? What is it you look for when buying a favorable shaver?

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