Curling Wand vs Curling Iron: Contrasts, Pros, Cons, and Usage Tips

Do you love curly hair? Well, I do, and if you do too, you have undoubtedly experienced the curling wand vs curling iron dilemma at some point.

That said, if you are still in the above-specified predicament, there’s no need to fret. In this article, I cover all the differences between a curling wand and curling iron. Also, I highlight the pros and cons of each item as well as provide you with useful tips on how to use these hairstyling tools for the best results.

Feel free to jump to any section you want to learn more about. After all, the purpose of this article is to give information that will help you overcome the curling iron vs curling wand dilemma.

From time to time, I write about hair tools, hair styling, and the best curly-hair products, hair straightening tool reviews. In this context, my assessments can help you choose the best curling irons and wands from the many on the market.

Back to the topic, for years, I have been switching between a curling wand and a curling iron to create my curls. All through, the choice of either item to use depends on the results I want. For a more ringlet effect, I go with the curling iron, while for a wavy look, I use the curling wand.

But regardless of your choice, I can confirm that using each of these tools leaves you with stunning curls, suitable for any occasion and event.

Differences between Curling Iron and Curling Wand

Understanding the differences is vital in helping you overcome the curl wand vs iron predicament. In line with that, here is a highlight of the aspects these two tools differ in.

The Holding Clasp: Major Curling Wand vs Curling Iron Difference

The holding clasp is the key distinction between a curling iron and a curling wand. With this difference in structure, the results you get from using these two tools vary. Curling irons have holding clasps, while wands do not.

What makes the clasp essential? With this feature, you can style your hair more intricately. It is the reason why you can create more consistent and finer long-lasting curls with a curling iron.
The curling wand, by design, does not have a holding clip. It is because, with this appliance, the goal is to create hair with more natural curls.

Hair Curling Iron vs Wand: Size of the Barrel

The first difference between a curling iron and a curling wand is the size. For both products, you will find that different sizes exist. Some barrels are smaller than an inch in diameter, and others are two inches in diameter.

When my hair was shorter, the smaller barrel was easier to use. However, as it got longer, I discovered that appliances with bigger barrels made the curling process way speedier. Note that a narrower barrel results in smaller and tighter curls, on the one hand. On the other, a bigger barrel yields bigger curls.

Bubble Curling Iron vs Wand: Temperature

Generally, there are more irons capable of attaining higher temperatures than wands. Nonetheless, if you search long enough, you will manage to get a wand that meets your heat requirements.

That said, note, the temperature you need depends on the nature of your hair. If you have weak hair, an appliance with a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit is okay. But if your hair is tough, for example, afro, you will need a tool that can reach anywhere between 400- and 450-degrees Fahrenheit. You will also need more time and effort to get the desired curls.

Hair Curling Wand vs Iron: Heat Control

You need to be in control of the temperature to prevent hair damage. Typically, any curling iron on the market today allows you to adjust the heat as per your preferences, as it has different temperature settings. Nonetheless, to avoid running your hair, these devices rarely enable you to set heat levels beyond 5-degree increments.

On the other hand, curling wands can have a single temperature dial that can be controlled with the on/off switch. However, this does not exclusively mean that wands cannot have multiple heat adjustments.

Another useful feature when it comes to controlling temperature is the display. As such, most companies, especially those dealing with curling irons, have launched appliances with LCD interfaces for helping users to see their temperature settings.

Curling Iron vs Wand: Longevity of Results

The curling iron wins hands down when it comes to creating long-lasting curls. Better yet, it allows you to make finer and more detailed finishes on your hair. As such, if you want beautiful ringlets, it is best to use the iron.

Note, I have since noted that the duration of your curls last depends on how you cover them during the night, whether you touch your hair regularly, and on which products you apply.

Curling Wand Pros and Cons

Curling Wand Pros and Cons

Do you consider purchasing a curling wand? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this appliance to help you with your decision.

Here are some excellent reasons for getting a wand:

  • Fast results: If you do not have a lot of time to make your hair, I recommend that you use the curling wand. It is straightforward and allows you to utilize two hands.
  • Natural look: With a wand, you can make waves that appear more natural on your hair.
  • Multiple sizes and materials: Curling wands are available in several sizes and materials, allowing you to choose based on your preferences.
Here are some downsides to using a curling wand:

  • You have to use two hands frequently: Since they lack a clip, curling wands require you to use your hands for holding and wrapping your hair.
  • It can be challenging to use if you have short hair: Due to the absence of a clip yet again, it is harder to hold short hair with the appliance.

Make sure to check out my review of Hair Curling Wand from Aashi Beauty. It’s awesome!

Curling Iron Pros and Cons

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of this appliance will go a long way in helping you choose the right tool in this wand versus curling iron face-off. Learn more below.

Here are some upsides to using a curling iron:

  • Consistent curls: If you are into gorgeous hairstyles and love the details, then the curling iron is the way to go.
  • Replaceable barrels: With an iron, you can select any barrel depending on the nature of hair and the curls you want. A smaller barrel is ideal if you want tighter curls, while a bigger one is perfect for wavy and bigger curls.
  • Smoother curls: The quality of curls you get from a curling iron is simply amazing. They are way better and frizzier. It is no wonder why using an iron is one of the style secrets to getting perfect beachy waves.
  • Curls with longevity: A curling iron delivers stronger curls, making them more long-lasting.
As far as the spiral iron vs curling wand argument goes, the significant downsides to a curling iron are:

  • Slower results: You do not want to use the curling iron when you are in a rush. With it, you have to take enough time to style every section of your hair lest you want to create awkward-looking curls.
  • Unnatural look: The refined look your hair gets after using an iron is not natural. As such, if you want to attain an everyday look, it is not the best choice of appliance.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron – My Personal Recommendation

This curling iron is widely used in the beauty industry. It offers stylish hairdos while taking care of your hair health and shiny look. It spreads ions smoothly on your hair, leaving it protected from damage. Three ceramic barrels, which come in the package, provide an outstanding result in no time. You can choose whether you want curls, waves, or ringlets.

The curling iron is a must-have for everyone who loves experimenting with their style. It has three barrels that can be connected to the handle. The first one is wide, the second is medium, and the third one is narrow. After it hits up to 410 F, you may start making curls. There is a dual voltage, so you can take it in European travels with you.

Paul Mitchell’s brand is familiar to all hairstylists. During many years, this developer has produced salon-quality tools for your hair. I use various products from this brand, from color protective shampoos to sprays, but my favorite one is this curling iron. I love to know that the company’s specialty is hair care. My advice is to use their color protective sprays before turning on the curling iron.

  • Three ceramic barrels;
  • Ionic technology;
  • Dual voltage system;
  • Quickly heats up;
  • Trusted manufacturer.
  • It may be slightly more expensive than simple curling irons.

Curling Iron Pros and Cons

Check out my review of the best curling irons on the market. You will pick one for sure!

Useful Tips for Using These Appliances

What is the best way you can use a curling iron or a wand in your day-to-day life? The techniques for using hair wand vs curling iron differ. So, here are individual guides for both:

Operating a Curling Wand

A wand lacks the clips that you would typically use to keep hair in place. As such, you must hold the tip of the strand you’re curling. To use a curling wand, do the following:

  • clutch the wand’s handle on one hand and the strands of hair you are curling on the other;
  • twist the strand from the root to the tip and hold for about five seconds;
  • remove the wand gently to free the curled strand.

Utilizing a Curling Iron

Unlike the wand, curling irons have clips to hold the hair in place when curling it. To use it:

  • clip the tip of the strand;
  • roll the iron to the hair’s root;
  • hold for about ten seconds;
  • release the hair to reveal the curls.

Final Thoughts on Styling Wand vs Curling Iron

When choosing curling wand vs flat iron, take into consideration the occasion you want to attend and what type of curls you want to achieve. A curling iron produces more defined and shiner curls than a curling wand. It is, therefore, excellent when you want to look elegant for an official event.

However, it requires patience and time. Curling wands, on the other hand, produce natural-looking waves and take less time. It’s great when you’re in a hurry and don’t necessarily need to look perfect. However, you’ll need to use both hands to use it. So, what’s your choice between curling wand vs curling iron?

Do you have any tips you’ve found useful when using a curling wand or curling iron? Let’s continue this discussion in the comments below.

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