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Tips on Writing a Hair and Beauty Salon Business Plan

The beauty of your business begins with effective planning and potential growth. That’s where writing a solid workplan comes into play. Does the idea of ...

How Often to Replace Hairbrush?

How do you think – people with amazing, strong, long, shining hair do get such a gorgeous result? Well, there are definitely many steps in their hair care. ...

Why Does My Scalp Itch After Applying Oil: A Guide How to Choose the Right Oil

Do you wonder why does my scalp itch after applying oil? In this guide, I will tell you why your scalp itches after using oil, how often you need to lubricate ...

Hair Straightening Cost: Detailed Guide on Types and Prices

If you spend a lot of time on your hair, you need to know the hair straightening cost. It will be the right step toward making your hair more graceful. I will ...

How Much Do Highlights Cost: All the Nuances of the Process

Have you always wanted to change your appearance but feared drastic changes? Then this text is for you. First, I will tell you about highlighting and all its ...

How Much Does It Cost to Bleach Your Hair: A Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, you will find the answer to the question how much does it cost to bleach your hair? Whether it is worth trying to bleach hair at home and why ...

How to Fix Protein Overload in Hair: Recovery Plan

Your hair is exposed daily to the harmful effects of the external environment, as well as hot styling tools. You may also dye your strands too often or use ...

How to Fix Bleached Hair that Turned Yellow: 4 Ways

Blond hair is a symbol of femininity, elegance, and youth. However, those girls who are not lucky to be born blonde have to go a long way toward light curls. ...

How to Fix Orange Hair After Bleaching: Expert Advice

Going from brunette to blonde is not an easy process, even for an experienced stylist. If you go to a salon, it may take several visits to get the color you ...

Best Hot Rollers for Short Hair to Buy – The Choice of Professionals

At first glance, hair rollers are associated with something old-fashioned. However, the technology of curlers has stepped forward. Now, with this device, you ...

Best Blonde Hair Colors to Cover Gray – Read the Reviews and Pick the Best One for You

The appearance of the first gray can drive us to despair. We immediately think that our beauty is fading and there's no way to get it back. But is it that bad? ...

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair: Full Details

In this text, I will tell you how much does it cost to dye your hair. The price will depend on many factors, so you will only receive an answer to this ...

Can You Use Purple Shampoo on Black Hair? What to Expect

Purple shampoo is an indispensable product in the daily care of people with blond highlights. It can get rid of the unpleasant yellowish color and even out ...

Can You Put Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair: Guide on Toning Shampoos

Many people dream about shiny blond hair, but not everyone knows that such locks require careful care. The most effective blond care products can help you ...

Purple Shampoo Left on Too Long: Enthusiasm Is Not Good Sometimes

The purple shampoo left on too long is a thing not to be done. Admit it, there are numerous lovers of applying a hair care product and walking around with it ...

How to Get Purple Shampoo Out of Hair: Best Techniques

Using purple shampoo, you expect a beautiful and even hair tone. In most cases, purple shampoo only removes unwanted yellowness. However, there are cases when ...

Can You Bleach Your Hair Twice in One Day: Complete Guide

Can you bleach your hair twice in one day? Here I will explain this issue in plain language. Bleaching gives a lot of room for bold experiments, but what to do ...

Is It Better to Dye Dirty Hair? Debunking Hair Coloring Myths

Before going to the salon or dyeing your hair at home, we think: is it better to dye dirty hair or clean hair? Because there are different dyes and bleaches, ...

How Long Should You Wait to Bleach Your Hair Again: Expert Tips

How long should you wait to bleach your hair again? Bleach is not sensitive to your locks and can cause significant damage without the right attitude. If you ...

Do You Shampoo After Bleaching? Tips for Beginners

I’ve heard this question numerous times. Do you shampoo after bleaching, or do you have to avoid any water procedures? If you are worried about the possible ...

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 30 Vol Without Damaging It

If you are looking for how long to leave bleach in hair 30 vol, you might have already decided to change your hair color. Although 30 volume bleach is not the ...

What Does Hair Toner Do to Highlights?

Many people think that it is enough to lighten strands to make highlights. And they get disappointed when, after bleaching at home, the hair still doesn’t look ...

How to Lighten Hair Dyed Too Dark at Home

The result of coloring often differs from what is expected, and instead of the desired shade, the hair becomes a few tones darker. Then you start looking for ...

How to Mix Bleach and Developer: Full Guide

If you want to try out a new vibrant color for your hair, bleaching it at home might sound like a great idea. You can get those lively shades only if you use ...

How to Fix Patchy Hair Dye & Prevent Uneven Results

Your dyeing result can come out uneven due to many reasons: from mixing the ingredients incorrectly to applying an uneven base color. This is a common problem ...

How To Fix Over Toned Purple Hair?

How to fix over toned purple hair? You decided to tone the hair and give a twist to your image or refresh it, what could possibly go wrong? Everything needed ...

How Long Should You Wait To Dye Your Hair?

How long should you wait to dye your hair again to keep it safe? It’s important to know because today your mood has changed and you want to be a red-haired ...

How To Fix Hot Roots: Proven Guidelines

Hot roots are the problem everybody who has ever dyed their hair is aware of. It’s not something only blond or redheads bump into. Despite all your efforts and ...

How to Remove Green Tones From Hair: Tried-and-True Tips

Your precious chevelure can gain that unnatural green tinge because of different reasons. All of them can be united in one: you had your hair colored in a ...

How to Get Rid of Grey Tones in Blonde Hair: Caring Approach

You had taken all the precautions not to get orange and yellow stripes in your newly bleached blonde hair. Alas, there was another pitfall you didn't notice at ...

How to Fix Uneven Bleached Hair?

Even if you vigilantly follow the instructions on the bleach, there’s a risk to see those jaguar spots throughout your entire mane after the procedure. ...

How to Fix Orange Hair With Box Dye: Farewell, Tangerine!

When you dye your hair at home, there is a risk of facing surprises you'd like to avoid. One of them is getting a brassy, mandarin hue. If you are not ready to ...

How to Make Gray Hair Shiny Silver: The Brighter You Get

Any hair needs its special sort of care, be it dark, brown, golden, or, yes, gray. While some opt for dyeing their hair to retain its earlier color or try a ...

How to Get Yellow Out of Gray Hair?

Gray hair looks noble when treated right, like a sign of wisdom and style. Alas, if mistreated, they can turn yellow, and all the style fades away. But there ...

How to Cover Gray Hair Without Dye and Colorist?

Though hair graying with age is natural, it might be hard to accept your new hair color. Women often employ various measures to hide their silver hair, ...

How to Soften Coarse Gray Hair: Tips That Work

Many women notice their hair structure substantially changes when it turns gray and becomes rougher. Though the products you used to apply proved to be ...

What to Do About Frizzy Gray Hair: Tamed for Elegance

Whether you got your hair turned gray due to natural reasons like aging or prematurely, you still want your mane to look refined, not abandoned. The problem ...

How to Dry Hair Without Blow Dryer Like a Pro

Nowadays more and more people switch to heat-free hair drying methods since blow drying can cause damage to the hair. If you are looking for an effortless ...

Tourmaline vs Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer: What’s the Difference

Are you wondering whether there is a difference between tourmaline vs ceramic vs ionic hair dryer? Well, you are not the only one. Not every professional ...

How to Straighten Hair With Blow Dryer?

Are you looking for how to straighten hair with blow dryer properly? Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it without damaging the hair or spending a ...

How to Curl Hair With Blow Dryer: Tips and Tricks

Do you want to know how to curl hair with blow dryer? In this case, this article is for you. You will quickly learn how to make waves without spending hours or ...

How Many Watts Does a Hair Dryer Use?

Hair dryers are part and parcel of most people’s daily lives. It’s definitely a device we would have a hard time without, but it also comes at the cost of ...

How Hot Does a Hair Dryer Get? (And How Hot You Need It)

Whether you’re a beauty guru or someone desperate to finally tame that mane, you’ve surely heard that blowing out your hair is bad for it. It’s the hot air, ...

How to Blow Dry Layered Hair?

A layered haircut is a great way to show off your mane. There’s an important prerequisite, though: you need to learn how to blow dry layered hair yourself ...

How to Blow Dry Short Hair: Helpful Tips

It is natural to wonder how to blow dry short hair if you want to look lovely every day. Short hair offers you multiple possibilities to reveal your creativity ...

How to Air Dry Hair Without Frizz?

If you wonder how to air dry hair without frizz, you might experience hair styling problems every day. Don’t worry! I decided to write this article ...

How to Blow Dry Hair With Round Brush: Steps to Follow

Do you want to find out how to blow dry hair with a round brush? Read these simple instructions for newbies. You don’t have to go to a hairdresser to achieve ...

How to Curl Hair With Blow Dryer Brush and Get Endless Compliments

If you want to achieve that effortless curly blowout, you don't need to be a professional hairdresser. Even a beginner can learn how to curl hair with a blow ...

How to Clean a Straightening Brush at Home?

Congratulations: you finally got a straightening brush (also known as a blow dryer brush). This great tool combines a traditional brush and a flat iron, ...

How to Use Hot Air Brush: Comprehensive Guide

Drying and styling your hair can be quite a tedious task, especially if you have thick or long locks. As a rule, many people use two different tools for it, ...

25 mm vs 32 mm Curling Wand: Perfect Size

Without a doubt, the knowledge of the 25 mm vs 32 mm curling wand difference matters to your curls. While curling wands can be in different sizes, 25 mm (close ...

Hot Rollers vs Curling Iron: Which One You Should Choose

With lots of hairstyles and choices you can find nowadays, it has definitely become much harder to understand what products one should use. Hot rollers vs ...

How to Clean Curling Iron: Tips and Life Hacks

It is definitely hard to keep an eye out for all of the professional tools in your drawer, and since curling iron is probably the most used one, you might find ...

How to Curl Curtain Bangs With Curling Iron: The Most Popular Styles

Everyone seems to have curtain bangs nowadays. And it’s no wonder they are so popular. Curtain bangs are a lovely hairstyle that is both romantic, charming, ...

Curling Iron Temperature Guide: Keep Your Hair Healthy

A curling iron is the perfect hair styling tool. With the proper skills and agility, you can use it to create absolutely any look on the hair of any length. ...

How to Use a Marcel Curling Iron for Gorgeous Hairstyles

There are lots of various hair styling devices available. Some are more popular with ordinary users for their simplicity; others are preferred by professional ...

How to Make Beach Waves With a Curling Iron Like Pro

Beach waves are a fairly popular and versatile styling that suits everyone. It’s quite simple, but at the same time, it easily makes the usual look more ...

How to Curl Short Hair With a Curling Iron Effortlessly

Making curls isn’t just for long hair. From bouncy spirals to boho waves, your genuine intention to learn how to curl short hair with a curling iron will ...

Ceramic vs Titanium Curling Iron: Make the Right Choice

Are you currently on the prowl for the most effective kink-it-up equipment for your crowning glory? Then you’re on the right site. In this post, I’ve compiled ...

How to Use a 3 Barrel Curling Iron: Wave It Up

If hot tools are your passion, and you love the idea of forming new hairstyles in a matter of minutes, this post is sure to tickle your fancy. Today, I’m going ...

How to Use a Curling Iron With a Clamp Like a Pro?

These days, there are many tools that you can use to create salon-grade styling at home. The main thing is to know how to handle them correctly. Lucky for you, ...

Curling Wand Sizes: Ultimate Guide on Perfect Tool

The key to chic curls is the right technique in combination with a perfectly matched device. If skills are honed with experience, then you need to know what to ...

Water Only Hair Washing Guide

You probably know, that water only wash (WO) method, also known as "no poo", is a hair care method that has been around for a very long time. Water only hair ...

Why Does My Hair Smell Burnt – What is the Cause?

Hair normally smells like the food products that we ingest and also the shampoo or hair oil that we use. However, some people have hair that smells burnt. This ...

Do Hair Products Expire. When to Throw Away Hair Products?

So, do hair products expire? Every product, from shampoos to conditioners to styling creams, will eventually expire, but don't feel like you have to toss them ...

Does Shampoo and Conditioner Expire – Know When to Throw Out Your Products

Everyone knows that hair products get old, but how much time do they have before they turn into worthless white goo? If you have ever read the back of your ...

Does Hair Developer Expire – And If So, How Can You Tell

When you buy the hair developer, you will find a "use-by" date on the product. It is important to follow the instructions and use the product before the ...

Long Layers vs Short Layers – Which is Right for You?

When it comes to haircuts, the short layers vs long layers debate is one that has been taking place for a very long time. Some people feel that the longer the ...

Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy – Eliminating the Waxy Build Up in Your Hair

If you have ever wondered why does my hair feel waxy, then you are not alone. The majority of people who have experienced this have found it a little hard to ...

Can You Bleach Your Hair With Clorox – The Truth Revealed

As many people already know, Clorox bleach has been around for a long time and is very inexpensive when compared to other methods of bleaching hair. Clorox has ...

Why Does my Hair Take so Long to Dry

It's happened to almost everyone. You shower, towel off, maybe even brush your hair… and it still feels wet. You try to rush the process, maybe blow-dry or ...

7 Best Shampoos for Weaves to Buy in 2024

You’ve invested lots of time (and a hefty amount of money) into that gorgeous mane. And it’s worth it! Hairpiece, hair bundles, hair extensions, clip-on wigs — ...

6 Best Shampoos for Low Porosity Hair to Buy in 2024

The term "porosity" of hair refers to the ability of your curls to absorb and retain moisture. Strands with a low porosity index have a tight cuticle, thanks ...

7 Best Hair Straightening Shampoos to Buy in 2024

Pin straight hair remains relevant for several seasons in a row. Those with wavy and curly locks also strive to stay in trend and use various devices to create ...

7 Best Shampoos for Permed Hair to Buy in 2024

The iconic perms from the 80’s are returning and might be hotter than ever. Wavy, loose, bushy — you can choose any perm variation these days — but make sure ...

5 Best Tourmaline Hair Dryers to Buy in 2024

If you want to maintain the health of your hair, you have to use only prime products. This is why the best tourmaline hair dryer is a must-have for you. No ...

6 Best Budget Hair Dryers to Buy in 2024

For some women, a hairdryer is a daily necessity in a struggle for the beauty of hair; for others, it’s an emergency rescue tool. In both cases, the device has ...

7 Best Hair Dryers for Straightening Hair to Buy in 2024

If you’re looking for a reliable way of styling your hair, the best hair dryer for straightening hair is an excellent choice. With such a device, you can make ...

7 Best BaByliss Hair Dryers to Buy in 2024

A blow dryer is one of the few beauty tools that everyone has. The modern market offers an almost endless choice. In this article, I decided to focus on the ...

Best Blow Dryer For Natural Black Hair in 2024

Having luxurious natural black hair comes at the price of higher maintenance. Kinky black hair is highly fragile and more predisposed to heat damage, which is ...

Hot Comb vs Flat Iron: What to Buy in 2024

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, straightening can be quite a long and monotonous procedure. Besides, we are always concerned about the ...

Curling Iron vs Flat Iron for Everyday Hairdos

If you like using styling tools, you should know what curling and flat irons are. However, so many people use them without really understanding how many ...

How to Clean Flat Iron: 4 Simple Steps

If you are looking for how to clean flat iron, you may have already witnessed changes in its performance. While a straightener is a tool that you use almost ...

Flat Iron Wet Hair Damage: Why Straightening Damp Locks Is a Bad Idea

It’s only natural given how hectic life can get at times if you sometimes have to squeeze your complete hair routine into 20 minutes. Those who like to ...

6 Best Hot Air Brushes for Fine Hair to Buy in 2024

When it comes to caring for fine hair, most of us, women, are willing to do whatever it takes to facilitate the process. That is why one cannot overestimate ...

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If you are looking for the best hot air brush for short hair, you have come to the right place. There are a lot of options on the market these days. ...

5 Best ghd Hair Dryer Reviews in 2024

A hair dryer is more than a typical device; with rare exceptions, it is an essential tool in every home. Simultaneously, most people do not attach much ...

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You’re lucky if you’re blessed with thick hair. However, caring for thick, coarse hair is not exactly the seventh heaven. Thick hair is prone to frizz and ...

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The color depositing conditioner is a very gentle yet powerful way to refresh your hair shade. Its coloring pigments do not penetrate deep into the hair ...

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Are you on the prowl for the best flat iron for damaged hair? At first glance, laying your hands on the safest hair straightener may seem easy. Surf on the web ...

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This time I'll answer a quite common question I get from my lovely readers. Question: I straight my hair with different tools (usually a flat iron or a ...

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One of my clients has recently asked me an interesting question, so I decided to answer it in a blog post. Question: I have naturally curly and frizzy ...

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When it comes to beauty technology, Remington is a brand that hardly needs to be introduced. The company offers a wide selection of affordable yet well-built ...

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Using a flat iron to curl your hair may sound like too much trouble, but if you take a minute to evaluate all the benefits of being able to style your hair any ...

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Using a flat iron for making a beachy waves hairdo is a nice choice. The first reason is the simplicity of application, and another one is the universality of ...

Best Cheap Flat Irons to Buy in 2024

In 1906, Simon Monroe patented the first variation of this invention, but already in 1909, Isaac K. Shero presented a version that was most similar to modern ...

7 Best Flat Irons for Coarse Hair to Buy in 2024

Many people have coarse hair naturally, while others have it as a result of improper care or health problems. The strands are often dry, so it is important to ...

7 Best Flat Irons for Silk Press to Buy in 2024

Whether you want to change your style with a new style or get a shorter haircut, the silk press is perfect for this purpose. The main thing is to choose the ...

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At times we all crave sleek straight hair, but very few are blessed with nature-given smooth and shiny strands – the rest have to depend upon the help of ...

Best Dual Voltage Flat Irons to Buy — Choose the Best for You

I realized that I needed a reliable dual voltage flat iron when I couldn’t use my single voltage model during traveling. Some women can cope without this ...

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  1. Hello Kathy,
    A new Rowenta CF 9320 Heated Brush Styler costs $229.79.
    You can see the price of every hairstyling tool by clicking on pink buttons called “Price” or “Check the price”.
    Hope this helps.

  2. It’s a pleasure, thank you!

  3. Hello, Kory!
    Yes, you are absolutely right. It is important to try different remedies and look for the one that suits you best. But it is also important to visit a dermatologist. I am always in favor of going to the doctors to have all the tests done. Perhaps a specialist can help you find the problem faster. After all, all cosmetic products help to temporarily eliminate the problem, but it is important to find the cause, so that the problem does not arise again.

  4. Thank you for sharing your ghd Platinum+ Premium Dual Voltage Flat Iron experience with us! Glad you were able to find your favorite brand and model.

  5. Good afternoon, Joanna!
    I ordered the site itself from a specialist. And now I am already publishing articles myself. I just fill it with interesting for me information on beauty topics. Also, I have a team who also share their experience and knowledge, they help me with articles.
    There are a lot of specialists who can help you with your website, just search the internet and choose a price that is acceptable to you. Good luck! I’m sure everything will work out for you!

  6. Thank you! Of course you can repost or link to my articles, I have nothing against it. I’m glad that my articles are useful!

  7. Jordin, thank you, I’m very pleased! I am always glad that my content is useful to someone and that I share my experience and knowledge for a reason.

  8. Thank you! That’s good to hear. Always a pleasure to see you on my blog.

  9. 😄👍 I try to publish interesting articles on my blog.

  10. I hope you are still happy with your purchase even after a while!

  11. Hello! Yeah, it’s okay to straighten your hair two or three days after bleaching. Just be careful and use a thermal protection spray or argan oil on hair before straightening.

  12. I’d recommend you to find a professional hairdresser and have your locks bleached and straightened up at the salon.
    The professional hairdresser knows how to highlight hair properly, and he will tell you whether your curls could be straightened right after the bleaching or not.

  13. Ion technology uses our knowledge of physics in the best interests of hair styling. We know that hair strands are positively charged which means that its atoms lost some electrons. Since the ionic hair straightener brush emits negative ions, they interact with positively charged ones and neutralize each other. As a result, you get smooth and healthy hair which is balanced on the chemical level.

    Ion technology also restores moisture balance which is especially effective if your locks are dried and brittle. Ionic straighteners used water molecules which are contained in the hair itself, break them into fine particles with high heat level, and as a result, hair gets re-hydrate.

    What is also good about ion technology is how it affects hair cuticle. It’s claimed that ionizing function prevents over-drying and improves hair strength. It also helps to make your hairstyle stay still for a longer time.

    Even though manufacturers promise that your locks will be softer, smoother and stronger after using an ionic straightener, things are a little more complicated. This tool will probably make your hair stronger and shiny, but it depends on how healthy it was in the first place. If hair is over dried, brittle and fine after bad-quality cosmetics or styling, don’t put all hopes on ion technology. It could make your locks a little stronger and smoother, but you probably need to use some kind of actual treatment to make them healthy.

  14. Hi! You’re right, hair straighteners that work with steam are considered to be healthier than regular flat irons which use high levels of heat. That’s because these tools heat the hair cuticle inside rather than outside and help to seal it. Advanced models could also lock in moisture your locks need and reduce frizz. I’d recommend choosing between the models I reviewed above, all of them are a good choice. I’m currently using LumaBella Cool Mist and I’m loving it.

  15. Hi Alison. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve been asked this question before, and I can say for sure that the BaByliss hot air brush is perfect for short hair. Believe me, you will be delighted with this tool. It may be pricey, true. But you will love freshening up your short hair with this baby on a daily basis. It does a great job styling your hair without damaging the heck out of it.

  16. Hi Tina. The Glamfields hair straightener brush is perfect for long thick hair. By using this tool, you can make your strands straight, smooth, and shiny in less than 10 minutes. In many ways, it’s much better (and more time-saving) than a flat iron. Be sure that after purchasing this baby you will no longer have bad hair days in your life.

  17. Notice: Function map_meta_cap was called incorrectly. The post type dwqa-answer is not registered, so it may not be reliable to check the capability "edit_post" against a post of that type. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 4.4.0.) in /var/www/html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5833 Reply
    Monica Davis 2020-02-24 at 13:30

    Pleased to meet you, Mary!

    The main characteristic you have to consider is the dual voltage of your hot air brush. The other ones, including size, weight, function set and materials are optional and depend on your preferred kind of styling and your type of hair.

    As you can see, this topic was opened 2 years ago. Since then, many American brushes had burned in Europe, which is bad news. Good news is, based on their users’ negative experience, more and more hair tools manufacturers started to make amazing dual-voltage products and not just some supplementary travel accessories.

    Among the most convenient dual voltage newcomers, there’s a Phoebe Curling Iron Brush which is lightweight, material-wise and safe to use on all hair types. You’ll find a detailed review of it in this article.

    One more great device that’s safe to use across the ocean is Sultra Vixen brush. It works best on thick and long hair, while Phoebe Curling will be more suitable for shorter hairstyles and volume-boosting.

    If you want my advice to be more particular, you’re welcome to share some more information on your hair characteristics and the stylings you do.

  18. I totally agree on that one!

    If you’re a true fashionista, changing clothes by season is not enough. You have to experiment with all the aspects of your look and welcome never-ceasing transformations, just like Bille Eilish or Rihanna do. And have you seen all those flawless K-pop stars with their hairstyles in multicolored layers?! Hair extensions are the best option for changing one’s hairstyle radically without damaging it.

    Still, there is an opposite tendency: for many people with fine hair or hair that doesn’t grow easily, extra locks provide the natural look they crave. From their point of view, they look more themselves with additional locks (especially when they’re natural ones and of the best quality) than with their short practical hairstyles.

    There’s a third option, however. You can browse the above comments and see for yourself how many women and young girls choose to wear their hair short in everyday life and turn into a glamorous long-haired diva for special events.

  19. Hey, Tara, nice to meet you!

    Don’t be confused by your hair condition, as the symptoms you mentioned in the comment are familiar to pretty much any girl or woman that cares about her hair. Am I right, ladies? 😉

    Let me give you a few tips:

    To keep your ends from drying and splitting, use a hair mask 1 to 3 times a week for at least 5 minutes. You can also put some oil on the ends before styling your locks. Don’t let your hair greasiness fool you: it still needs a lot of nourishment. Just make sure you use such nutrient products on your ends only and combine them with a basic oily scalp shampoo, like Aveda Scalp Benefits. If the dry-ends situation is truly disastrous, I’d advise you to cut off a few inches — such a recipe is more effective than any mask.

    It would also be great if you could go gentle on your hair and take occasional days off from iron straightening it. Embrace your natural curliness, and your hair will thank you for that. I have a comprehensive selection on the matter here somewhere… yep, right here!

    You must know that there’s nothing wrong with washing your hair every single day if you provide whole-based care for it. However, if washing and styling your mane every day is too much for you, dry shampoo is a solution: in the article, I’ve mentioned Hair Dance and Klorane products ‘cause they’re my favorites, but you’re free to try out more.

    If none of the above advice help, consider consulting your family doctor as excessive oiliness could very well be a medical condition.

  20. Hello, Brenda! Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    I’ve never contacted TYME customer service myself as my stylist friend’s and my own TYME tools have been working perfectly for more than a year already. Have you tried all the ways of contacting them? Their Facebook community is pretty active, and TYME official website says many good things about their customer service. Try to contact them directly: even if it’s too late to return the tool, they may share some advice on how to use it.

    As for the iron itself, let’s be clear about it:
    1. For how long have you been using ANY pro stylist tools?
    The thing about TYME iron is that its titanium surface requires quick and savvy action, and a newbie stylist could be overwhelmed by handling it. I suggest you consider ceramic surfaces for practicing and returning to your TYME tool a bit later.

    2. What is your hair type?
    This is the basic question in hairstyling. Reread this article and the instruction for your device to make sure you choose the right setting for your hair.

    3. Did you use this iron for straightening or curling?
    Hair straightening is much easier with TYME, while styling may need a few weeks of thorough training. If you got to styling right after unpacking the tool, the answer to your poor experience may be the haste. Watch some tutorials, consult some pros, maybe browse this website a bit 🙂 and you’ll manage to make perfect TYME styling in no time.

    If my tips aren’t enough, address the TYME website: they offer real-time online StyleTYME sessions where you can consult a professional stylist on all the functions and pro hacks for working with the tool.

  21. Hello there. Thank you for your feedback. Knowing that my posts are helpful is really important to me. I’m glad that we’re on the same page about hair brush straighteners haha! I personally love the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer. It’s great for stubbornly curly hair. It works unbelievably easy and fast. So I recommend that you purchase this baby if you have super thick, curly/wavy, and frizzy hair.

  22. Hi Rochelle. Thank you for your feedback. If you’re looking for a fragrance-free hair straightening gel, JASON Flaxseed Hi-Shine Styling Gel is what I’d recommend you to opt for. There’s a hint of a natural fragrance that fades within moments. The hold is excellent, and the shine will definitely tickle your fancy. Overall, it’s a great product. Highly recommended.

  23. Hi Cecilia. Thanks for your question, I appreciate your feedback greatly. Revlon is nice, but it’s, indeed, a you-get-what-you-pay-for kind of product. The BaByliss Pro ceramic flat iron is A LOT better. It’s a salon-quality flat iron that makes your hair super soft and silky. So if you’re considering buying this baby and using it instead of your Revlon, I’d say you’re about to make the right decision!

  24. Hi Mimi. Thank you for your question, I greatly appreciate it. Indeed, Revlon and John Feida are both great for thick hair. I’ve had the chance to test-drive both these hot air brushes. If I were you, I’d go with Revlon. The tool is perfect for thick hair. It works great on my daughter’s hair which is very thick and curly. It functions excellent as a straightener. It styles thick hair and defrizzes it with ease.

  25. Hi Megan. That’s a good question. Thank you for it — and thank you for reading my post. I appreciate it very much. Yes, the BaByliss titanium pro flat iron is small-sized, you are right. But if you use it correctly i.e. grab the right amount of strands, it will work great on any type of hair. In addition to this, it heats up really quickly and leaves your tresses perfectly shiny. In short, it’s a little champion and miracle worker. So leave all your doubts behind if you’re planning to buy this one.

  26. Hi Stephanie. You’ve probably read a lot of reviews if you’re asking me about this particular product. The thing is, Suave Professionals Anti-Frizz Cream is great for long and thick hair. As a matter of fact, it makes blow drying sleazy and super fast. And it doesn’t grease up your scalp! A lot of stylists recommend this wonderful hair straightener cream, and I’m not an exception. It’s a game-changer for your hair type. And it’s affordable, too. Highly recommended.

  27. I’m glad I could help 🙂

  28. I’m glad to hear that you liked this article.
    Yes, this one will be great for the first time.

  29. Nice to hear it, thanks.

  30. Thanks for the response.

    Yes, it’s true. Wireless irons are really comfortable.

  31. Hello!
    Elizabeth, thanks a lot for your question. It’ll be a good remark for all girls here.

    If you like your Tek brush and everything with your hair is going fine – you don’t need another one brush.
    Remember that you need to change the brush or some hair care products on another only if there are some problems with them.
    I’ve once had this Tek brush and it was pretty good.

    And you can always try Boar Bristle Brush on the next time you’ll decide to buy a wooden brush 🙂

  32. I have a few really good moisturizers on my list for such cases. But one of them is my favorite – Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion I always have it on a shelf at home and in a travel bag when I go somewhere.
    Try this lotion and let me know about the result.

  33. Hello! Yeah, it’s okay to straighten your hair two or three days after bleaching. Just be careful and use a thermal protection spray or argan oil on hair before straightening.

  34. Hey, Lorraine, thank you for your feedback. I hope you’ll enjoy your purchase.

  35. Thank you!

  36. Thank you, Melissa!

  37. Hi, Rebecca.
    Heat brush is good choice.

  38. Hi, Blue Rose.

    Wireless ones are really good, especially while traveling.

  39. Thank you, Tamara!

  40. Hi, Kavita!

    Thank you for your question. I’d recommend you to try DAFNI go.

    Best regards,

  41. Thank you for your opinion, Bridget!

  42. Hi, Erica.
    Thank you for your feedback. Can you say what do you want me to change?

  43. Hi, Victoria 🙂

    No, I’m from Dallas, Texas. But it’s nice to meet you. Ask me anything you need to know about hair dryers or any other hair styling tools 😉

  44. Hi, Jexie! Thank you for your question.

    In terms of straightening, they are the same. But I think a bigger one would be better for thick hair! Also, make sure to check my reviews of straightening brushes for Afro Hair

    Best regards,


  45. Thank you!

  46. Hello! Thanks for your question!
    Wooden hairbrushes are, in fact, a real treasure for our hair. To choose the right one, you have to consider the thickness and length of your hair. My favorites on the list are Redecker Maple Pin Oval Wooden Hairbrush and SHARCA Premium Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush. Try one of these brushes and let me know if you’re satisfied!

  47. Hey! Thanks for asking me!
    In your case, I’d suggest taking a look at Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush.
    To get more advice and info about brush dryers, I recommend you to check our guide on the best brush hairdryers.
    Hope this information will help you!

  48. Hi, Mili Sharma.

    Which one did you buy?
    And what type of hair do you have?

    Best regards,

  49. Hi, Felicia! Yes, it works for thick hair. But just FYI, you’ll need time to learn how to use TYME. This flat iron is designed for professionals.
    My usual recommendation for thick hair is Remington S-5500. But you can also check my other flat irons reviews here:

    I usually mark in CONS which are the best for thick hair.

    Best regards,

  50. Hi, Noel!

    PHOEBE Curling Iron Brush has dual voltage.

    Best regards,

  51. Because cats are cute 🙂

    If we are not talking about that upcoming movie, of course 😀

  52. Thank you for sharing your experience, JD!

  53. Jackie, thank you for sharing your experience.
    Now I’m considering to look for a guest writer, who might cover makeup and nail services chairs!
    Thank you for the new ideas for my content!

  54. – apply a small amount of hand or body crème on your hair, they won’t be so static
    – check your clothes, static can be caused by synthetic
    – dry hair before straightening
    – if you use plastic comb it also may cause static in your hair, here my recommendations on choosing wooden hairbrush, it’s also ecofriendly
    – use ionic hairdryer

    I guess it’s all pieces of advice that I can give you remotely. Hope I was helpful, good luck!

  55. Hi, Tom! Thank you for your feedback. I use this one in my salon. Also, I bought one for my daughter, she uses it at home and very happy with it. Especially when her mom comes and does her hair for free 😀

  56. You’re welcome.
    Thank you for your feedback.

  57. Helen, thank for your feedback. I’ve described a few good lightweight dryers in this article. I hope it will be useful for you!

  58. Thank you, Barbara! I’m glad that you are satisfied with your choice.

  59. I’m glad that my blog helped you!

  60. Thank you for your feedback, Mia!

  61. Hi, Jenna!
    Amazon delivers everywhere these days. If you need any extra consultation on hair extensions, just contact me and my team.

  62. Hi, Drawyne!

    18 years old sister with thick wavy hair, how lovely!
    I want to be sure of what kind of safety we are talking here about. Safe for hair? Or are you afraid that a brush might be too hot?
    The brush surface can be ceramic or tourmaline, these materials are both safe.
    Head Kandy is a good choice for thick hair.
    Dafni is one of the safest for the hair.
    So I’d recommend you to check them out.
    I hope your sister will like your present.

  63. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your experience!
    It really doesn’t rotate. But even though it works perfectly on my hair (makes it really soft), of course, it doesn’t mean it will be 100% for everyone else.

    But I’m so happy that you’ve liked Babyliss! Did you use BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium? It’s a really good one.

  64. My pleasure, Alice 🙂

  65. Thank you for your comment!
    CHI flat irons were described in this article.

  66. Unfortunately, there’s no auto-lock function to fix the temperature in this brush. If you experience any technical issues with the brush, you probably should contact the seller’s customer support or ob official brand’s site:

  67. Thank you for your feedback!
    Remington hot rollers are really good ones.

  68. Hello, Kavita! Thank you for your comment.

    Both, Revlon and Babyliss, are great brushes. According to your description, they should fit your hair. I personally prefer Revlon, it’s a top seller with a lot of good reviews and I personally own one. I really love design.
    But my best friend and fellow colleague use Babyliss, and I’ve seen what kind of magic she had made with it.

    So it’s up to your own preferences, both brushes are pretty good.

  69. Hi, Anie! Thank you for your question.

    Travel Brush Hot Folding Portable Dual Voltage has ionic technology!
    It’s a good one if you need it for a vacation.
    Hope my answer was helpful.

  70. Dani, thank you for your recommendation! Their amazon store looks really nice. I might try some of their products and review them.

  71. I didn’t know about this brand. Thank you for mentioning, I will check it up.

  72. Hi, Kirk!
    Are you talking about this one?
    Should I buy and review Karmin G3 curling iron? What are pros and cons in your opinion?

  73. Hi, Echo!

    Do you want me to make a review on this brush? If you want me to write about it, please contact me [email protected]

  74. Hi, Rea Epstein!
    Thank you for your comment!
    You can find lighter hot air brushes in my best hot air brushes review. If you like Revlon brand, Revlon Hot Air Brush for Styling & Frizz Control is smaller and lighter than One Step. If you want to change brand Phoebe is a good choice, it’s lighter than both Revlon brushes ( Phoebe’s brush is just one pound).
    I hope it was helpful!
    Have a nice day.

  75. Oksana, nice to meet you!
    I think John Frieda Hair Dryer Brush might be the best choice for you. The price is good and it allows getting maximum volume for your hair.

  76. Hello, Florence! Thank you for your question.

    In my guide on best travel size hair products I’ve wrote about BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron. It fits for thick hair.
    My other recommendation will be Cordless Mini Travel Flat Iron by DEOGRATIAS. Its price a bit higher, but I use this one personally. It’s very convenient!

    I hope it was helpful!

  77. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it greatly.

    In your case, I would opt for Xtava: Best Hair Straightener for Thick Long Hair. It was especially designed for thick long hair and it warms up really quickly. It will make your hair soft and straight without damaging or drying it out. Its plate is unusually wide. They made this trick up to reduce your straightening time to 5-7 minutes. Oh, and chances are high that if you use it today and sleep on it at night, your hair will still look great tomorrow. Make sure you use your straightener when your hair is completely dry. And don’t forget about the key secret for styling long thick hair: thicker hair, hotter straightener.

    Also, for your long and thick hair I recommend using John Frieda Hair Dryer Brush. It won’t damage your hair. I’ve heard women say that after using this hot air brush their hair looked better than when they had gotten it done at the hair salon.

    Also, if I were you, I would consider Suave Professionals Anti Frizz Cream to support your specific hair needs and as an addition to your hair straightening ritual. This cream will smooth your hair beautifully without heaving it down. You can use it as a finishing touch of your hair styling routine.

    Hope this helps. Long thick hair is always beautiful, so take a good care of this gem of yours!


  78. It’s a good choice!

  79. Ahahaha, thank you for sharing your story about your husband and son, Sarah. It’s a strange way to use Babyliss hair dryer, to be honest.

  80. Hello, Sophie!
    Thank you for your question.
    If I am not wrong, Glastonbury should have recharge tents, where you can charge your power bank or phone. So if you take a power bank with you, the best choice is to get Cordless Mini Travel Flat Iron. It’s not expensive and you can charge it from your power bank. I’m not sure, maybe they may let you charge it in recharge tents 🙂
    I use this one myself, esp when I travel to Europe, so didn’t have to worry about the different plugs and voltage.

  81. Hi, Nora!
    You can find the answer here. I’m glad, that you followed my advice and bought yourself a new hot comb.

  82. Thank you, I’m really happy that my blog is useful!

  83. LuxeOrganix is also one of my favorites. I agree with you that it is very important to look at the composition of the shampoo, if you see harmful components in the composition, it is better not to buy it.

  84. Thank you for your feedback!

  85. Nice tip! Thanks!

  86. Thank you for your comment. I have plans to cover more tips on how to use TYME tools in the future, so follow my updates to be the first to read my new post about it.

  87. Your welcome, I hope you’ll find my other reviews on sites helpful as well!

  88. I covered these themes in my articles in straightening brushes reviews, so, please, check them out!

  89. Thank you for your feedback!

  90. Clients who use keratin on their hair report that their hair is smoother and easier to manage as a result, but it’s not a guarantee that their hair will grow faster. I use
    it’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In plus Keratin Spray 10 oz and can recommend all of the good from my review above. Good luck with your shopping.

  91. Thank you for sharing, Amelia! I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog.

  92. Hi, Riley. Thank you for your question!
    There are a lot of keratin products for damaged hair. I personally recommend L’ANZA , because it’s a trustworthy brand, their products are focused on hair healing. My clients get me a lot of positive feedback about them.

  93. Hood dryer is a good way to relax a bit. Don’t use it when you are in a hurry. It might take about 20 minutes for short hair to get hair dry with it.

  94. Hi, Betty! Thank you for your question.
    I’ve personally never met anyone who had an allergy to boar bristles. But you better get a consultation from your doctor to be sure,

  95. Check my hair care section at my website to get more recommendations on styling. If you have any specific request on hair care products recommendations, please ask here.

  96. Thank you for your feedback on this product! If you use any other travel size hair products from my review or could recommend something to add to this list, please share too! I’d gladly add more to my post!

  97. I have one too! My husband always scolds me, because we stay in hotels that have hair dryers but…. Sometimes we travel on buses at night and before we get to the hotel room or check-in, I can make magic with my Andis (best travel hair dryer in my opinion, tbh). Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  98. As a mother myself, I have to admit that kids are really sensitive to any kind of noises. Especially new ones to them. So you actually can choose any one from my review.

  99. That’s nice that you have a different experience using Centrix Q Zone! Thank you for sharing it.

  100. To be honest, I’m used to my MHU one, but a lot of my colleagues are totally fine with their Beautural hair dryers.

  101. If you damaged your hair seriously you better get an offline consultation. Write me an e-mail, please, with a proper description of your issue.
    Anyway, at least based on my experience, the products from this review won’t make any harm and absolutely safe.

  102. Thank you, dear, I hope you’ll enjoy your shopping!

  103. Thank you for your response! I will cover hair treatment in one of my future articles, so please follow my blog to get a proper answer to your question.

  104. Dear Stephanie!

    It’s a great pleasure for me to put an end to all your questions about hot rollers.
    Your friends are absolutely right — using hot rollers on wet hair brings great damage, and remember to blow dry your hair thoroughly before hot rolling it. Believe me, hot rollers work wonderfully on dry hair; the fixation is excellent because of the hot temperature and high-quality clips.

    Preparation for hot roll curling is pretty much the same as with your blow straightening routine. First of all, put some heat protecting spray or the oil of your choice. Then, if you know the right type of styling foam that suits you, divide your hair into locks and put a small amount of foam on each lock before rolling it.

  105. Hello, Simona!

    You’re so right about appreciating your natural curls! And I want to cheer you up: it’s entirely safe for your hair structure to use hot rollers if you want to add some curliness to it. My general advice is to use a heat protection spray and find the hot rollers that are comfortable for you. Conair Multisize Hot Rollers are the ones that will suit you: the smaller rollers are just ½ in diameter so they will match your needs perfectly.

    As for the straightening your hair with hot rollers: yes, it’s quite possible. Although the level of damage caused by such a procedure strongly depends on the materials used in flat irons and hot rollers, on the average hot rollers are a bit safer. Use hot rollers of large diameter with titanium or tourmaline ceramic base: BabyLiss Pro titanium rollers and Infiniti Pro set by Conair are my top choices for straightening curly hair. I just have to warn you that if you need an effect of sleek & straight hair the flat iron is a better choice. If your hair is of a curly type, there will still be some waviness left after large hot rollers.

    Hope my answers will help you in your hairstyling decisions!

  106. Hi, Sophie!

    It’s nice that you take such good care of your hair. Of course, African American hair takes a little bit more hair routine than European hair, but it also rewards its owners with amazing thickness and strength.

    I’d recommend you to use Caruso Professional Steam Head Setter. In the article, I pointed out its enormous effect on the thin and fine hair but didn’t mention just how great it works for taming thick hair of African American type. There are 30 rollers in total so you can easily get all your tresses covered. It has a very tight hold so even your most unmanageable locks won’t unfix it. And a foam body of the roller easily compresses making it perfect for use on long hair. The Caruso rollers are of five diameter types: you can use the ½ inch to make nice small curls or 1 ½ inch for more wavy hairstyle. Thanks to well-fixing clips this set will leave your hair curly and wavy for a few days.

  107. Hi Ally!
    Thank you for the question.

    I’d recommend Vidal Sasson Heated Brush Styler. It is not as expensive as more professional 2-in-1 brushes and seems like a great dryer to start with if you doubt your hairstyling abilities. It has all the basic features of a professional brush dryer, and you end up with more smooth and healthy-looking hair.

    With this styler, you can make your hair straight at a high-temperature setting. Just don’t forget to use some protective oils before drying: argan and coconut will do fine. After applying the oils let your hair dry on its own or fasten the process with a hair dryer of your choice. Your goal here is to make your hair no less than 80 % dry, and only after that, you can proceed with the 2-in-1 brush. Divide your hair into sections while brushing for the long-lasting result.

    Vidal Sasson Heated Brush Styler comes in three colors to individualize your drying sessions and make them more fun. The brush is of a small diameter so you may have your hair tangled at first, but it takes just a little bit of practice to get used to this device. The handle of compact size makes the usage convenient even for users with small palms. If you face problems with this kind of equipment, ask me anything! I will be glad to help you handle your hair easy!

  108. Hi Sarah!
    Thank you for your question.

    You seem like a long-time user of hair tools so I’d recommend you BaByliss products from professional Titanium series. They use Nano Titanium technology that protects the heating element from overheat while reducing heating time. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Brush Hair Dryer may be a little bit difficult to grasp at the beginning, but you will love it after a couple of uses. There are three temperature settings, so you can dry your hair on any temperature that suits you, it will still look healthy and strong. The brush won’t make your medium length hair too curly, but will definitely add to the volume.

    There’s also BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer if your primary goal is to bring you damaged hair back to life. This dryer is the best option for fine hair because of its careful drying and six temperature settings. Add ionization for a smooth look and a strong feel and volume boosting potential, and you get the perfect combination for your needs.

    Another way of treating your hair is by using ceramic-based products like Remington T-Studio LUX Dryer with Brush. It has a special infusion in its core that provides the highest level of protection while drying. With this device, you can get by without such additional products like oils and heat-protective sprays.

  109. Dear Kim, I know your troubles by heart. Fine and frizzy hair is probably the most difficult to tame, though it doesn’t seem like it to thick-haired ‘outsiders’. I have a few tips for you.

    First of all, your choice of hot rollers must be well thought-out. Ionic technology is a must for you, as it locks your hair moisture and doesn’t let the frizzes to appear. Choose Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter or Caruso Professional Steam Hairsetter, both of them are great for creating tight, long-lasting curls with minimal damage to your chevelure. Remington rollers are a bit expensive, but they have a perfect up-to-date ionic technology. Caruso rollers are not so good in keeping your hair healthy and shiny, but with the help of additional styling products, you’ll get terrific results.

    My second tip: your haircare and styling products are just as important as your rollers. First of all, use a fine hair shampoo or a shampoo/conditioner set to boost up your tresses from the roots and add them pre-styling volume and sleekness. Try Kenra Volumizing set with protein formula or Dove Nutritive Solutions Series if you’re looking for cheaper means. Always use keratin-based styling sprays or products with natural oils before any heating procedures! Argan, roucou and coconut oils work best for thin hair.

    I hope my advice is helpful.

  110. Thank you for your question, Laurel.
    It’s always nice to meet someone, as you say, ‘picky’, who wants to give their hair maximum protection and health.

    It’s true that sprays can go with hot rollers not as good as they do with hot brushes and flat irons. Peter Coppola spray is a nice choice for bringing your hair to life and boosting up its volume and shine. All heat protectants work pretty much alike: they lock your hair cuticles and don’t let the heating effect damage them. Lighter heat protection sprays don’t contain Keratin, so their impact isn’t seen on your hair immediately, but they work just as good at smoothening and protecting. I’d recommend ghd Heat Protection Spray or Aveda Speed of Light spray with natural oils.

    If you want to concentrate more on fixing your curls, try styling sprays with added heat protectants: TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier is a perfect choice if you prefer to use your hair spray while styling and CHI Firm Hold Hairspray is the one that is the best for finishing your hairstyle. Don’t forget to use a heat protection spray before hot rolling your hair, and fixing spray right after you finished.

  111. Creating a beautiful hairstyle when you have thin straight hair on your own is quite difficult. It is worth paying attention to the Infiniti Pro by Conair with a comfortable rotating brush or practical brush for fast drying of John Freed Revlon. For people with thin hair, there is a perfect tool like Remington T-Studio LUX comb with Helen Troy. A hairdryer with a Vidal Sasson comb or a heated Styler comb will help you to make of a beautiful hairstyle quickly. The technique guarantees comfortable, easy care for every hair type. It is worth paying attention to Calista Heat Curling Brush Plus which can create the perfect hairstyle from wavy hair in a few minutes.

  112. Hi Cori,

    Various product lines are intended to help with thin and long hair. One of the most popular among them – Infiniti Pro by Conair. This tool has a rotating head and powerful blow of hot air. Another reliable and practical device is a special brush for hair drying by John Freed’s Revlon. For wavy hair, it would be good to use a Calista Heat Curling Brush Plus. Mechanical dryers with a strong blow of hot air are Remington T-Studio LUX and a brush presented from Helen Troy. And a Vidal Sasson with a comfy brush will guarantee to make a beautiful hairstyle in no time without problems.

  113. Hi Paula,

    The daily care of weak and greasy hair with low volume is pretty complicated. It requires the usage of special instruments, which are difficult to find on your own. I would recommend you Infiniti Pro by Conair that has a rotating head for making up a significant hair volume. One more instrument – Calista Heat Curling Brush Plus. The thermal brush Styler can be another helping tool for creating a neat and good-looking hairstyle in a couple of minutes. Once you try BaBylissPRO Nano Titanum instrument, giving your hair a fantastic volume in almost no time, you will forget about your problem forever.

  114. I do not recommend you buying a thing in random places. Believe my words – that will help you to rid off numerous troubles. If it is about a household appliance, search for verified shops or internet platforms you have heard of or have checked already by yourself. Only then you can rely on qualified support from an expert. In case your switching-on button works from time to time, you should consult with a master – he will help you to find a solution. And before making a purchase on Amazon or another website do not forget to look for reviews to be sure your future commodity will not cause a problem.

  115. Hi,

    Your case is really unusual. But fortunately, there are various products, like Infiniti Pro by Conair, that has mechanically spinning brush, and will be a good fit for you. One more alternative – Calista Heat Curling Brush Plus. This is a perfect tool because of the thermosetting brush for making a beautiful hairstyle on short wavy hair. You may also try Remington T-Studio LUX with a rotating head that guarantees a fantastic result, or Vidal Sasson as an excellent helping device in everyday care.

    Hope this helps!

  116. Hi, Heather! Thank you for following my reviews.

    You got it right: cheaper options probably won’t serve your hair well. I’d recommend T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers from this article. They are made with tourmaline ceramics that turns positive ions into negative making your hair smooth and more manageable; it also takes noticeably less heat for styling. Their velvet surface is excellent at gripping your hair, and the clips are of high quality and won’t fall off even from the most slippery locks. If you look for beautiful natural waves styling with minimum effort, this is your top choice. If you want tighter curls of smaller diameter, T3 rollers won’t suit you. There are two more cons: it’s a pure joy to use these, but their price is not so pleasant. Another possible reason for discomfort is the rollers weight: if you have heavy hair, the whole experience can be a bit unpleasant. I’d advise you to try them out in the salon before purchasing.

    If you need tight curls along with the total control of your curling process, I’d advise you to use a TYME Iron Pro. It’s a two-in-one curler and straightener that can handle any hair type. And with a little bit of experience, you will manage to make any hairstyle with the help of it. Also a pricy choice, but, as you probably know already, it’s next to impossible to work on a thick hair with cheap equipment.

    Please tell me more about your hairstyling experience so that I could provide you with more precise recommendations.

  117. Hi there, Jennifer,

    There’s most certainly no need for desperation. The size of your curls or waves depends on the diameter of the hot rollers and the time you keep them on your locks. The waves Velcro rollers are fine, but I haven’t tested them long enough to make up a full professional opinion. Look for them in my next hot rollers reviews. From the ones I’ve tried so far I’d choose John Frieda Ion Hot Rollers, they will make shoulder-length hair look silky smooth and voluminous thanks to their titanium ceramic base and a diameter that is just right for the big waves you need. They also heat up pretty quick and are quite easily manageable even for beginners.

    To be sure your hair looks 100% perfect on your wedding day, I’d recommend you to try John Frieda Hot Rollers beforehand to get used to them and make sure you can easily style big waves with their help. Don’t forget to use the strong fixing products on your curls. John Frieda Frizz Ease is another product from this quality professional brand that will bring fixation and flexibility to your waves without making them look heavy and overstyled. TIGI also make wonderful hair products for such festive occasions. Try their Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier to make your locks bouncy and protected from humidity and dryness alike.

    I wish you a wonderful wedding!

  118. Dear Viola!

    Thank you for your comment 😀
    I’m sorry if I was inconsistent about short hair in this particular article. Yes, obviously you can make curls with hot rollers. In fact, it’s one of the most convenient ways to make them.

    From the ones represented in the article, I’d recommend you to use Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Set. It has a ¾ inch and 1-inch rollers that are perfect for curly pixie hair stylings, and if you grow your hair a little bit, 1 ¼ inches rollers will also be of use. This set is a bit expensive but it’s worth every penny, and I’m sure that after years of practising with curling papers you will immediately learn how to use them. There are a heat indicator and quite handy clips to fix your locks. So many upgrades compared to curling paper! Just don’t forget to spray your hair with a heat protector beforehand. Another option is small diameter curling iron: ½ to 1 inch will be perfect. Read more on curling irons in my article or other trusted sources.

  119. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for your question!
    I think Infiniti Pro by Conair Rotating Brush Hair Dryer will be a good solution for you.
    Its ionization function reduces frizz and ensures silky, glossy look. It is exactly what you need to sleek your hair out.

  120. Yes, of course! The Kandy Brush is a trend for men’s beards grooming maintenance!
    If you have a beard that needs taming there is no better tool.

  121. Thank you! Will fix it soon.

  122. Hello Addy,
    I recommend you to take flat iron by Deogratias with you.
    Its USB charging cable makes re-charging possible in any location in the world.
    The iron is lightweight for traveling and can be used for about 30 minutes, allowing you to change your hairstyle at any time, anywhere.

  123. Hi Christine!
    I feel you will find Infiniti Pro by Conair and John Frieda Hair Dryer Brushes particularly convenient and useful.
    These brushes are suitable for such hair as yours.

  124. Thank you, dear! Glad you like my blog 🙂

  125. Hi Rosane! I feel that ProCabello Ceramic Straightening Hair Brush will work great for you.
    Its ceramic surface, moisturizing and antibacterial technology will help to deal with your problem.

  126. Hi! Please email me at [email protected] so we can discuss it.

  127. That`s a pity! Read my blog to be in touch with the latest price changes 😉

  128. Thank you! This is my pleasure!

  129. Thank you!

  130. Hi Dianne! Thank you for your comment.
    Vidal Sasson Heated Brush Styler is specially designed to style thin and weakened hair like yours.
    I suggest you read more about this tool.

  131. Happy to help! Thank you for kind words!

  132. Hi,
    Check Infiniti Pro by Conair Rotating Brush Hair Dryer.
    You will like it!

  133. Hi!
    I suggest you to examine Infiniti Pro by Conair Rotating Brush Hair Dryer.
    Read more about it here.

  134. Hi!
    You can straighten wet hair sometimes with the Sutra Brush, if you are in a hurry. But keep in mind that it can be damaging to your hair. I recommend always to blow-dry hair before straightening.

  135. It depends on how much time you need to straighten your hair.
    For example, DEOGRA straightener is designed for up to 90 minutes of continuous operation without recharging. It means you can use the device for 4-5 days if your hairstyling process takes up to 20 minutes. DEOGRA has high-quality Korean SAMSUNG batteries with a short charging time (only 2 hours).
    CHI Escape Battery Powered Hair Straightener has a lithium battery that gives from 30 minutes to 1 hour of continuous heating, depending on the settings you choose.
    Carmen Wireless Hair Straightener has a rechargeable lithium battery, the flat iron may be continuously used for about 25 minutes from one full charge.

  136. I’d recommend you to find the professional hairdresser and have your locks bleached and straightened up at the salon.
    The professional hairdresser knows how to highlight hair properly, and he will tell you whether your curls could be straightened right after the bleaching or not.

  137. Pull out all the stops to yank it out. You will not break it. I do the same with mine.

  138. You’re welcome! I am always happy to write for you!

  139. Hi! My favorite is Revlon Hot Air Brush. Its barrel allows getting maximum volume for your hair. And the speed of rotation is optimal for creating great curls in a matter of a few seconds. I highly recommend this brush.

  140. I wouldn’t recommend applying straightening brush on wet hair. Your hair might get pulled out or tangled. Let your locks fully dry before straightening.

  141. Thank you very much! It is my pleasure!

  142. Hello!

    To avoid damaging a hairstyling tool, it should be cleaned on a regular basis.

    Follow these steps to care for your future dryer:

    1. Start to clean a dryer when it is completely cool. Don’t clean while it is plugged in.
    2. Remove the strands which remain in your dryer.
    3. Damp a soft cloth with some cleaning solution and start wiping it.
    4. Keep it going until your dryer becomes perfectly clean.
    5. Do it regularly to keep it in a better performance for a long time.

    Hope, this helps.

  143. Hello Brad,

    Examine the Post about straightening brushes here:
    Here you will find excellent styling tools and appliances that will be suitable for you.

  144. Hello Dian!

    I do not recommend to brush wet hair at all. When hair is wet, it is especially vulnerable to damage. Water weakens the weakest bonds within strands of hair, removing its strength. The simple act of brushing can lead to dire consequences in this weakened state.

    If you really can’t wait to brush your hair, you should use a wide-toothed comb. This will cause less damage than a regular brush. Choose a comb, like Burstenhaus Redecker Maple Wood Brush. This brush is wide-toothed, and its bristles have a special waxy coating for comfortable and safe combing and protection of hair.

  145. Hello!

    Cleaning of the Sutra Hair Straightening Brush, like every other tool, is a simple and quick process if it is done on a regular basis.

    Follow these steps to care for your future brush:

    1. Start to clean a brush when it is completely cool. Don’t clean your brush while it is plugged in.
    2. Remove the strands which remain in your brush.
    3. Damp a soft cloth with some cleaning solution and start wiping the small spaces between the bristles.
    4. Keep it going until your brush becomes perfectly clean.
    5. Do it regularly to keep a brush in a better performance for a long time.

    Hope, this helps.

  146. Hello!

    Yes, it`s a dual-voltage tool, it can be used in countries with 220 V power supply without using a voltage converter.

  147. Hello!

    Good news! There are 3 hot air brushes, that can be safely used all over the globe: Conair Instant Heat Hot Curl Brush, Conair Supreme 2-in-1 Hot Air Styling Brush, Conair Curling Brush (1.5 inches) Dual Voltage. They feature dual voltage (110 V and 240 V), so you can use them outside the US without a power adaptor. But keep in mind that you will probably need a plug-in adaptor for the power socket in the country you’re going to.

    Read reviews on these devices here:

  148. Hi Rita!
    Thanks for your question.

    I think Vidal Sasson Heated Brush Styler will be perfect for you.
    Its 1-inch barrel helps too get closer to roots, unlike many other traditional models, so it fits short hair well. Moreover, this device is great for thick and curly hair, because it allows making it straight and smooth at the high-temperature setting.

  149. These two brushes are intrinsically good. But if it doesn’t matter very much to you, I recommend you to choose Burstenhaus Redecker Maple Wood Brush of course. I like it for its hefty handle, the brush feels great in hand. The brush is made from olive wood and features maple straight pins and bristles – making it ideal for long and curly hair.

  150. Hello! Helen of Troy is definitely good, but there are two other hot air brushes, I advise you to consider.

    The first one is Revlon Hot Air Brush For Styling & Frizz Control.
    The kit includes two brushes for styling, and a smaller one will be perfect for your short hair. The brush helps curling hair close to the roots, and soft bristles will not scratch the scalp. There are three heat and speed settings, so you can quickly adapt the temperature to your thin hair type. Its ionization function helps to reduce frizz and makes up for healthy gloss and shine.

    The second one is Remington T-Studio LUX Blow Dryer with Brush.
    There are two temperature and speed settings so that you can adjust the brush to your hair type. I advise you to choose the lower one, as you have thin hair. The 1-inch wide barrel that comes with the kit is good for short hair. The barrel is ceramic, so it does not damage and burn hair structure. And the sweet bonus of this brush is that you don’t need to apply protectants because it has a unique micro-conditioner infusion.

    Hope this information is helpful to you 🙂

  151. Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your question.

    I haven’t tested the Micropur straightening brush, so I can`t say anything about it.

    I’ve tested AsaVea hair straightener 2.0. It is one the best brush straightener for sure, but it fits thin and short hair more than thick and long one.

    I recommend to choose the FemJolie Straightening Brush for your daughter. It`s one of the best straightening brushes for strong and thick hair in my experience. It also has its pleasant cons: exquisite feminine design, a long rotating cord, and lightweight. This brush heats up to 230 C in two minutes. It is also created with the application of anti-scald technology that helps to protect from the burns, so your daughter will not feel discomfort during the process. And finally, the brush has auto shut-off function in cause forgetting to turn off appliances at home.