How to Stop Static Hair After Straightening?

This time I’ll answer a quite common question I get from my lovely readers.


I straight my hair with different tools (usually a flat iron or a straightening brush) quite often, and it always gets static not long after that. What should I do to prevent static hair? It really gets annoying!


If you get static hair after straightening, that means that you probably don’t protect your curls from high temperatures properly. There are a few crucial things to do if you want to avoid static hair. Here they are:

  • choose a good-quality moisturizing shampoo and a decent conditioner;
  • use a wooden paddle hair brush;
  • make sure that your hair is totally dry before straightening (you could dry it out with a hairdryer or let it air dry which is obviously a better option)
  • put a thermal protector on hair before any styling that includes heat appliance (for instance, straightening).

It creates a barrier between hair cuticles and applying heat so that your curls won’t be so damaged
choose a straightening device with a ceramic or tourmaline surface as these materials are claimed to reduce static electricity after styling, you should apply a serum, a mousse or dry oil that will reduce static electricity, restore the water balance and prevent the ends from splitting

A little lifehack: if you apply a small amount of hand or body crème on your locks, they won’t be so static either

Pay attention to the clothes you’re wearing as they matter as well. If it’s possible, choose clothes made of natural fabrics like cotton or silk. A synthetic blouse will only aggravate static electricity in hair.

Finally, you could have your curls straightened at a salon. It may be pretty expensive, but the result will last for several months so it’s definitely worth it. Moreover, a professional stylist will give you some helpful advice on taking care of your locks.

I get static when straightening my hair what should I do?

I have fine thin short hair don’t want to weigh it down with too many products.


  • apply a small amount of hand or body crème on your hair, they won’t be so static
  • check your clothes, static can be caused by synthetic
  • dry hair before straightening
  • if you use a plastic comb it also may cause static in your hair, here my recommendations on choosing a wooden hairbrush, it’s also ecofriendly
  • use an ionic hairdryer

I guess it’s all pieces of advice that I can give you remotely. Hope I was helpful, good luck!

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