How To Fix Over Toned Purple Hair?

How to fix over toned purple hair? You decided to tone the hair and give a twist to your image or refresh it, what could possibly go wrong? Everything needed is here: toner, enthusiasm too, but something has happened and the hair turned purple.

That’s a common problem, especially if the procedure was performed at home. I’m here to tell you about proven ways to cope with this.

Fix Overtoned Hair. Here Is What To Do

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To fix overtoned hair you can use a cleansing or anti-dandruff shampoo. Baking soda, vinegar, and lemon also work well. There are more radical methods in the form of lightening hair. The choice is yours depending on how bright the color is and how quickly you need to deal with it.

Why Can Hair Become Over-toned?

Over toned hair is a common problem. This situation was faced by those who carry out the procedure at home, and those who visit the hairdresser. So, let’s wipe away the tears and understand the reasons for the trouble.

To begin with, I want to remind you that toning, like dyeing, is far from always predictable. Even a professional will not always be able to accurately determine the color and tone that will turn out. This is worth considering.

The first reason may lie in the structure of your curls. The problem is that they are too porous and the scales are open. Sometimes the hair has already begun to split.

Here it is worth talking about the fact that any coloring and frequent exposure to the sun without protection opens the scales of the hair and makes them vulnerable.

Hair becomes dry and porous. When blonding and lightening, the natural pigment is also washed out of the hair. That is why always remember to protect your hair with sprays at least during the season of ultraviolet activity.

Thermal protection is also highly recommended if you often do styling at high temperatures and don’t forget about conditioners matched to your hair type.

The next reason is a violation of the instructions when using a toner or tinting shampoo. More often than not, you have used too much toner or kept it longer than you need. Strictly follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer or your hairdresser if you want to get a good result and not look like a freak.

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And now for another reason. Toners and tinting shampoos have a saturation level or percentage. This is the percentage of the coloring matter in the product.

You need to understand that the higher it is, the brighter the color will turn out. For the right shade, consult a hairdresser or consultant in the store. You can also start with the lowest percentage toners and gradually increase the saturation until you find your perfect match.

How To Get Purple Out Of Hair

Before you think about how to get purple out of your hair, decide whether you really don’t like the shade that you have now and you want to remove it. Some solutions to the situation may harm your hair.

Also, don’t forget that toners and tinted shampoos washout on their own over time. If you’re quite confident in the decision you’ve made and the color does not suit you, the sooner you begin to act, the better the result will be.

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The first and the gentlest way is to use a clarifying shampoo. The method is not the most effective, but it’s the least harmful to the hair. The Clarifying Shampoo is designed to remove all excess impurities from the hair, including any excess cosmetic products.

It copes well with the dullness of the hair and removes light tonics. For best results, use the shampoo as quickly as possible and make 2-3 applications in a row.

The result will not be visible immediately, therefore, it may take some time to apply the shampoo 2 times a week. Be careful as shampoo can dry out your scalp make sure you have a good deep nourishing mask afterwards (in some cases you can leave it on all night). The use of shampoo should be stopped if you experience itching, discomfort, or peeling.

Baking soda and vinegar work like a clarifying shampoo, removing excess oils from the hair. Apply baking soda to wet hair, massage and rinse with vinegar water. Next, rinse your hair with running water.

Remember to use a moisturizing mask and don’t overdo it as it dries out your hair. You can also add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo and wash your hair regularly with this mixture until you get the desired result.

Anti-dandruff shampoo from the pharmacy around the corner also does a good job with light tonics and makes the color less intense. It also breaks down excess oils and thus gently removes toner. It will take a few applications before you see results.

For this remedy, you will have to look in the refrigerator or in the nearest grocery store. It’s a lemon, or rather, lemon juice. Due to its acidity, lemon juice is even used as a natural lightener for dark hair.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon, mix with conditioner so as not to dry out the hair and apply to the entire length of the hair. The proportion for the mixture of lemon and conditioner should be 3 to 1 in order not to damage the hair. To better distribute the mixture through the hair, use a comb.

This will help to achieve an even color and avoid spots. Wait for 3-4 hours and wash it off. The longer the mixture stays on the hair, the more noticeable the result will be, but I do not recommend leaving it all night – dyed hair is already more susceptible to damage.The method can be used either alone or in combination with one of the above.

Another radical option is a color remover. Considering there are many of them, I will recommend here to choose the least aggressive one, since the product contains clarifying agents, and follow the instructions. This option should be resorted to only after clearly weighing all the risks of hair damage.

Full bleach wash with 10 volume mixed with shampoo. We add the clarifier to the shampoo in a percentage of 1 to 10, respectively, and wash my hair. I do not recommend keeping the mixture on your hair for more than 1-2 minutes. Let’s not forget the mask.

These methods are suitable for removing not only purple, blue and gray shades, but also for making warm tones brighter. These methods are the answer not only to how to remove toner from hair but to how to remove purple shampoo stain from hair.

How To Prevent Your Hair From Over-toning

Everything is pretty simple. We use the right amount of toner and do not overdo it on the hair, do not use too saturated colors. I spoke about this in more detail when I listed the reasons for overtoning.


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What color neutralizes purple?

Here you need to use the principle of neutralization and choose the opposite color to purple on the color wheel. These are warm shades of yellow and orange.

How do you turn purple hair blonde?

If you were originally dyed blonde, you should use one of the methods listed above to remove the toner. If purple was achieved by staining, and not by toning, lightening and dyeing to blond will be required.

Does coconut oil remove toner?

Coconut oil, unfortunately, does not remove toner, but your cold blond with the active use of oils can become more yellow.

How Not To Be Too Purple

In case of unsuccessful toning, the issue must be resolved as quickly as possible. In the article, I have given methods that will help you remove excess toner from your hair and get the desired color.

But, before that, consider whether it is worth doing this, given that the toners are washed out on their own over time. And ideally, follow the recommendations for proper toning and avoid such situations.

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