How to Dry Hair Without Blow Dryer Like a Pro

Nowadays more and more people switch to heat-free hair drying methods since blow drying can cause damage to the hair. If you are looking for an effortless alternative to blow-drying, there are various solutions on how to dry hair without a blow dryer at your disposal.

Read my comprehensive guide below, try one or several methods, choose your favorite one, and keep your hair healthy in the process.

Guide on Drying Hair Without Blow Dryer

Though it might sound like a piece of cake, heat-free hair drying doesn’t mean you should leave your wet hair to its own. We don’t live in ancient times and want to look attractive.

Here I provide fast ways to dry hair without a hair dryer, professional tips, and answers to the common questions. Forearm yourself with knowledge!

Why would you want to dry your hair without a blow dryer?

Since there are numerous professional and affordable hair-drying tools on the market, you might wonder why even bother to deprive yourself of all the advantages of modern civilization.

However, blowing hair without a dryer comes with a bunch of benefits as well. With a smart approach, you will see healthy and lustrous locks in the mirror after the drying procedure and experience the amenities below.

Air-drying your hair is healthy

The most obvious advantage that inclines it-bloggers to try heat-free drying solutions is that it helps protect the hair from damage. This is especially helpful if you have chemically processed, fragile, or very dry hair.

Exposure to high temperatures ends in a highly porous hair structure. Damaged hair becomes more brittle, its growth can slow down, and the mane looks dim and poorly groomed.

damaged hair

Heat damage can also lead to the oxidization of the pigments of your hair. It results in faded coloring, which means that you need to apply color more frequently. And if you often use a hair straightener or a curling wand to style your hair, this causes a snowball of heat damage that can leave your mane in a poor condition.

You can get creative with different hairstyles

There are certain ways you can air-dry your strands to come up with various hairstyles, like beachy waves, scarf curls, headband waves, etc. The list of solutions is endless, as well as human creativity. Don’t forget to apply leave-in products based on the final result you’re hoping to achieve.

It takes less time

When you’re trying to get ready, every single minute counts. Air-drying your hair can save you a lot of precious time, simultaneously providing you with a presentable look.

How to dry hair without blow dryer step by step

Now it’s time to proceed to the specifics of this procedure. If you leave your wet hair’s fate to chance and let it dry without any interference, you might get frizz and flyaways instead of those appealing waves in the tutorial.

Therefore, it’s important to learn the proper way to dry hair without heat. Let’s dive into the mane (pun intended) steps you should follow to be satisfied with the final look of your strands.

beautiful hair

Since there are numerous methods to air-dry your hair, such as blotting your hair, using a towel turban, plopping the strands, etc., I will focus on the basic procedure that can be a primer to the hairstyle you want to create.

Step 1: Wash your hair with a conditioner

Applying a conditioner suitable for your hair type not only contributes to healthy hair but helps repel water. A quality product includes coatings that hold onto your hair and help the water slide off instead of being absorbed. It works like an umbrella, which helps prevent frizz afterward.

Pro tip: if your hair is curly, apply leave-in conditioner over the strands and put some oil onto the ends of your fine hair. This method works wonders, providing the mane with extra shine and moisture.

Step 2: Squeeze any extra water from your hair

While you are still in the shower, remove the excess water from your strands by gently squeezing them. Don’t wet your hair again after you rinse the conditioner so that you can save extra time for running your daily errands. Just pin the hair up as you finish your shower.

Pro tip: use your fingers as a comb and carefully comb through the separate hair sections. Try to separate your strands gingerly since it will not only help your hair dry faster but ease the styling procedure.

Step 3: Flip your hair upside-down after the shower

This is when you can make the process fun and exciting. Shake your head for a couple of minutes but make sure not to do it vigorously. If you find some associations to think about during the process, this will make it even more fun.

Pro tip: use your fingers to lift the hair roots. This will both help dry hair fast without a hair dryer and add extra volume to your mane. Effortless and affordable, just like it sounds.

Step 4: Use a towel to remove extra water

Blot your hair with a microfiber or other absorbent towel. A regular one won’t be so effective, and it can make your hair frizzy. Divide your hair into several sections and soak the excessive water. Go over the entire mane, stopping at each section for a couple of seconds. Apply a different part of your towel when moving to the next strand so that you do not bring water to your hair again. Be gentle so as not to damage the hair.

woman drying her hair with a towel

Pro tip: if you have no microfiber towel, don’t be frustrated, use a soft pillowcase or a cotton T-shirt instead. It will absorb the moisture and secure your hair.

As an alternative, you can use paper towels, but this is pretty cost-consuming if your hair is long or thick. However, this technique helps to reduce frizz.

Step 5: Prioritize the hair roots

While applying heat-free styling solutions, you should give preference to your roots. The ends generally dry faster. Blot the roots several times with a towel and fluff them by running your fingers through.

Try to focus on the roots to bring as much airflow as possible to make your mane dry faster.

Pro tip: when squeezing your hair, use a smaller towel. This way, you will get closer to the roots of your hair.

Step 6: Use a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair

Leave your brush for another time: it’s not a helper in this case. Use a wide-tooth comb starting from the ends of your hair and lifting to the roots to comb the entire mane.

A brush can cause damage to wet hair, and a comb helps to separate the strands, reduce frizz, and works more gently.

comb with wide teeth

Pro tip: apply hair-care products before or after combing your hair. This will significantly ease the styling procedure and help you achieve the desired effect. Depending on the latter, try smoothing anti-frizz serum, curling lotion, or sea-salt spray.

Step 7: Allow your hair to air dry

Finally, you can let your hair air dry. The length and thickness of your hair have an impact on the duration of drying. The amount of water you squeezed also influences the drying time, so it’s essential to be diligent in the previous steps.

Pro tip: to reduce the time on drying your hair, you can run your fingers through your strands every 10-15 minutes.

FAQ About How to Air Dry Hair Fast

If something is still unclear, read the questions about heat-free hair drying specifics I frequently get from my clients.

Does brushing your hair make it dry faster?

As I’ve noted, you shouldn’t use any brush, only a comb while air-drying your hair. A brush can damage your strands, while a few strokes of a comb can speed up the process and smooth the hair.

Can air drying hair cause damage?

Yes, if you do it the wrong way. Applying no or unsuitable hair-care products beforehand can lead to a mane full of frizz. Blotting your hair with a regular towel can also make it frizzy and cause damage. Also, don’t rub the hair vigorously with a towel.

What happens if you don’t dry your hair after washing it?

Though you will stay alive for sure, you are likely to see a frizzy, unmanageable mane in the mirror afterward. Your hair will dry slower, and it will take more time to detangle it (not to mention the styling time).

Healthy, Shiny, Charming Locks

Now that you know how to dry your hair quickly without a hair dryer, you might not even think of reaching for your blow dryer again. I hope my comprehensive guide will help you make your hair healthier and more luminous.

Follow the air-drying procedure step by step, master your skills, and ditch your blow dryer in the past. Apply the right products for your hair type, experiment with heat-free hairstyles, and look gorgeous.

Have you ever tried air-drying your hair, and what was the result? What made you think about leaving your blow dryer? Leave the answers and your questions on the topic in the comments below.

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