How to Lighten Dyed Black Hair at Home without Bleach?

Every brunette at least once in her life had an idea to change something in her appearance. But what can you change? Well, you can become lighter!

Can a brunette go lighter? Sure it’s possible. But be aware that for the lighter tone you will need bleaching.

You Can’t Lighten Dyed Black Hair with other Color

Can you change your color without washing up? If you have dyed hair, the answer is firm NO! Remember, the dye does not lighten another dye. And, to get a lighter color, first, you need to remove your old dark color.

You should do this with powder bleacher (if you want to lift 2 or more shades) or with washing up liquid (when you need to lift only one level).

And remember: bleaching and washing up will not necessarily damage your hair. It all depends on your hairdresser’s skill. Of course, after the procedure, the hair becomes a bit drier, but good care can fix it quickly.

How to Lift Hair Color

There is no way to get rid of the following steps when lightening your hair:

  • first, you will have to bleach with powder,
  • then, your hair will be toned to get the color you wish.

The procedure is not cheap, but the result is guaranteed. The highlight is another option. It is considered more sparing since it is not all-over coloring, but it also gives an effect of lifting to 2 tones. Please note, that after highlight you also need to tone your hair with dye; otherwise, it will be damaged and look poor.

Can I Lighten Hair without Bleach Fast?

Often, women try to lighten their hair at home.

I strictly don’t recommend this.

The truth is that lightening your hair yourself evenly is a difficult task. Furthermore, it often happens that different areas of the hair are dyed with different solutions to remove the dark color evenly. To obtain the desired color, you often need to mix a few dyes and add mix toner to avoid unwanted and unexpected colors after lightening.

NB: it is better to lighten your hair step by step to give your hair a rest and time to restore.

Experience of the Editor

Working on my style, I experimented and tried to find the color I like. And while searching, of course, I lightened my hair.

My last transformation happened because I wanted spring and changes. It sounds, of course, trivially, but it’s true.

So, what I brought to my master.

  • What I had: porous, wavy hair, which can easily be damaged.
  • Color: chestnut.
  • What I wanted: to lift my hair up 2 levels and give them a warm natural shade in the medium range.

In order not to damage by brittle hair, the hairdresser decided not to lighten the hair completely, but to do highlight. It was done with a powder using 6% oxidizer all over the length and 3% oxidizer for the root zone, where my natural color had already appeared.

It’s true that my hair suits lightening. Therefore, there were no difficulties on this stage.

Next, I dried my hair, and let them rest for 20 minutes. After this, there was a coloring. For even color, my hair master applied different color formulas on the roots and along the length, since the dyed hair rarely can be lightened evenly.

What it turned out: the hair remained in a good condition; they were not dry and with broken ends. So, I was happy with the result for one hundred percent.

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  1. Hi Monica, I have dark brown colored hair and I’ve been coloring it for years. I do a root touch about every 2 weeks for my gray coming in. I don’t like how often I have to keep touching up the roots but I can’t stand the gray. So over time every time I do a root touch up my hair starts to look darker. The product I use is: Age Beautiful a medium brown with 20 volume developer from Sally beauty supply.
    I need tips to lighten all over to a lighter brown so it stays in the medium to lighter brown and not look black. Also tips to do touch up so it blends with the rest instead of constantly going darker. My roots look black after a touch op maybe because it’s every 2 weeks so it’s color over color on the roots. I’m eager to know your thoughts. I need to do this at home for cost reasons so any helpful tips is appreciated.
    Thank you.

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