My Top 30 Must-Follow Hairstyle YouTube Channels

These days, it seems there’s a YouTube channel for everything: movies, nails, makeup, cats, and yoga… My absolute favorite category is all about hair — surprise, surprise! 🙂 There are thousands of hairstyle YouTube channels, so finding the best ones is not easy. No worries, I’ve got you covered!

If you constantly find yourself browsing through various DIY hairstyle YouTube videos and then end up giving in to basic buns and ponytails, this post is exactly what you need. From quick everyday styles to fancy party updos, this is your one-stop shop for hairstyle inspiration, ideas, and advice. You’re going to need your comb and lots of bobby pins…

Because there’s a multitude of hair tutorials online, and finding the best ones is a challenge, I’ve boiled YouTube down to the list of 30 best hairstyle channels that provide tons of tutorials and tips on how to rock the latest trends. With the list of the best hairstyle YouTube channels published below, your hair will always look effortlessly glamorous.


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Each YouTube channel from the list below is helpful and unique. Looking for hairstyle inspo? Don’t hesitate to browse through my selection of Top 30 Must-Follow Hairstyle YouTube Channels published below and choose your favorite ones to follow. Start trying out new gorgeous yet achievable hairstyles today!

Missy Sue: Braiding 101 and More

This lovely YouTube channel will teach you how to create an array of charming hairstyles from quick and easy everyday looks to some really fabulous bridal updos. Missy Sue specializes in braiding, so if you want to learn how to braid like a pro, this channel is the best choice. Headband braid, waterfall braid, lace braid, Dutch fishtail braid — Missy will help you create these and many other types of braids, showing you step by step how to master each of them.

In addition to this, Missy Sue will show you how to prep your hair for any hairstyle to prevent damage from styling tools. She will provide all the necessary tips to help your hair look healthy and gorgeous. Missy’s channel was created in 2011, so you can only imagine how many fantastic hairstyle tutorials this braid specialist has in store for you. Check her out and create an attention-grabbing look that will turn heads.

Luxy Hair: Hairstyles & Hair Tips to Help You Always Look Stunning

Searching for some excellent hair tutorials, hair hacks, and hair extension tricks? The Luxy Hair channel has all that and more. The channel was set up in 2010 and now boasts over 3 million subscribers. It will teach you a slew of fantastic running-late hairstyles, gorgeous celebrity-inspired party looks, tons of easy back-to-school hairstyles, and much more.

Luxy Hair provides tips on curling your hair in five minutes, gives excellent advice on taming frizzy hair, teaches you how to protect your hair while sleeping, how to style long hair faster, and even shares a secret on mastering a salon-worthy blowout. Their Upside Down French Braid Bun Style tutorial from 2012 (wow that was 8 years ago) is among my personal favorites.

MissAlex: Hair, Makeup & Fashion

Even though Alex, the girl behind this YouTube channel, is only in her early twenties, she’s already an experienced vlogger who’s obsessed with all things hairstyle- and fashion-related. Quick and easy party hairstyles, sleek bun hair tutorials, amazing boho hairstyles, curling your hair like a pro — these are just a few of the hair topics Alex covers in her YouTube vlog.

Aside from some really helpful hair tips and hacks, the MissAlex YouTube channel will teach you a lot about makeup, fashion, and the best places to shop online. Have a browse through the channel and feel free to subscribe if it tickles your fancy.

Kayley Melissa: Glam up Your Hair Today

If you’re on the hunt for the hottest hairstyle trends, straight from the fashion ramp to your bedroom, Kayley Melissa’s YouTube channel is just the ticket. The channel was started by Kayley in 2010, currently flaunts nearly 2 million subscribers, and features tons of how-to videos.

Kayley’s instructions are super easy to follow by just about anyone irrespective of the hair type. The girl lets you in on her 15-minute glowing makeup and hair routine, shows you how to achieve gorgeous party hairstyles for both long and short hair, and tests hundreds of hair tools from various brands. The go-to channel for learning a huge variety of hairstyles.

ellebangs: Tips & Tutorials from Professional Hair Stylist

This YouTube channel stands out among the rest because the woman behind it (her name is Silvia Reis) is a professional hair stylist, colorist, and blonde expert. ellebangs is the name of her studio hair salon, which is located in San Francisco, California.

Silvia started the ellebangs YouTube channel to share everything she knows about hair and makeup with her followers, as well as to connect with people that have similar passions. She will help you prevent brassy hair, teach you how to grow long hair quickly, and reveal 5 signs that you have a bad hairdresser. So if you’re on the prowl for some top-notch hairstyles and hair tips from professionals, the ellebangs YouTube channel is perfect for you.

Alex Gaboury: All Things Hair-Related

This YouTube channel is a great hairstyle and hair care resource guide. The channel is filled with excellent-quality tutorial videos on achieving such unique hairstyles as Chinese staircase braid ponytail, French rope braid, topsy tail ponytail, DNA braid (amazing!), easy bubble ponytail, infinity braid, and more. Also, Alex has tons of tutorials on much easier-yet-still-gorgeous hairstyles.

Furthermore, on her YouTube channel, Alex discusses her favorite hair and makeup products, shows her everyday makeup routine, shares useful tips on how to clip in hair extensions, achieve easy holiday hairstyles, transform dry hair into healthy, and much more. Alex Gaboury is a lovely channel to subscribe to and follow.

Annies Forget Me Knots: More Manespiration

This channel is packed with all types of hairstyles, including side French braid, edgy ponytail, double buns, crown braid, and a lot more. What makes the Annies Forget Me Knots channel unique is that Annie, the woman who has started this channel, shows how to achieve various hairstyles for both grown women and baby girls.

Annie has a cute little daughter who helps her make videos for the vlog. Overall, Annie’s hairstyle channel is heaven for moms who are seeking great fun hairstyles for themselves and their little daughters. So get watching and subscribe if that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Cute Girls Hairstyles: for Mommies Seeking Inspiration

It’s all in the name — the channel features plenty of cute and fun hairstyle tutorials for girls. The Cute Girls Hairstyles YouTube channel was created in 2009 by a mom who knows how to send her daughter with a new hairstyle to school every day. Does that sound inspiring? Then Cute Girls Hairstyles is the best YouTube channel for you.

It currently boasts nearly six million subscribers (fancy that!) and is packed with video tutorials on how to achieve beautiful hairstyles with ease and speed. Each video tutorial lasts up to ten minutes, which means that creating any hairstyle won’t take too much of your time.

Alex Centomo: More Than Just a Hairstyle Vlog

This popular YouTube channel was created by Alex Centomo in 2012 and currently has nearly one million subscribers. Alex’s videos are fun and relatable. They come in handy whenever you need to achieve a quick, easy, and gorgeous hairstyle. Boho braids, fabulous summer hairstyles, soft curls, quick and easy back-to-school hairstyles — Alex does know a thing or two about managing her hair in a beautiful way… And she will teach you, too!

Aside from hairstyle tutorials, Alex publishes a great deal of beauty, makeup, fashion, travel, and lifestyle posts, sharing her outfit ideas, shopping rituals, beauty hacks, honeymoon highlights, skincare routine, weight loss tips, fitness workout details, and food preferences.

Lilith Moon: Tutorials with Parisian Flavor

Lilith Moon’s hair tutorials hold a special place in my heart because of their rare glamour, charm, and Parisian elegance flavor. Her YouTube vlog was created in 2010 and currently has over one million subscribers. Being a model for hair salons in Paris, Lilith has access to beauty secrets and hacks from the best stylists in the world.

On her channel, Lilith shares beautiful and easy hairstyles with her followers, as well as makeup, beauty, and fashion advice. So if you’re in search of the latest hair styling trends, as well as a bunch of perfectly-done hairstyle tutorials for women with medium to long hair, this wonderful channel is the place to go.

CinthiaTruong: Elaborate Hairstyles

This channel was launched in 2010. It features tutorials on how to create some of the most jaw-dropping hairstyles you could ever imagine. Most of them are fairly easily achievable, which is a great bonus. As a matter of fact, you will be amazed at how effortlessly you can recreate most of the elaborately-looking hairstyles offered by Cinthia Truong.

Sophisticated Twisting Bun and Romantic Summer Wedding Updo are two of my favorite Cinthia’s YouTube hairstyle tutorials. Both looks are gorgeous, and you don’t have to be a professional hair stylist to copy them. So if you’re looking for a hair look that will turn heads, Cinthia’s YouTube channel is the perfect source of inspiration and amazing ideas.

Imogen Fox X Foxy Locks: Hair & Beauty Tutorials

Looking for awesome beauty and hair tutorials with excellent instructions? You will find them on the Imogen Fox X Foxy Locks YouTube channel. Loose bouncy glam curls, Khloe Kardashian hair horns, bubble ponytail, braided bun, and tons of other beautiful hairstyle tutorials can be found within this channel. You will easily copy each of the hairstyles created by the vlogger. So if you’re a hair and makeup junkie, don’t hesitate to subscribe to Imogen Fox X Foxy Locks for some quality inspo.

Princess Hairstyles: Gorgeous Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Princess Hairstyles is another excellent hair styling-related YouTube channel you can subscribe to. It provides one-of-a-kind prom hair tutorials, plenty of braided hairstyle tutorials, Wonder Woman hairstyle hacks, as well as some top-notch tips on wrapping your hair around a ponytail without using bobby pins.

The channel was created in 2009 and currently has almost one million subscribers. Their Heart Ponytail Hairstyle tutorial is among my personal favorites. I’ve practiced it on my daughter, and she loved it. Excellent channel if you’re seeking some of the coolest hair tutorials out there. Subscribe to it to learn more.

Swavy Curly Courtney: Curly Girl Journey

If you’re naturally curly, you already know how lucky you are. Curly ladies have what most women want — and often spend a lot of money to get. However, every curly gal needs some tips on her journey. That’s where the Sway Curly Courtney YouTube channel comes into play. It features a slew of curly hair styles, recommendations, and hacks for your curl-spiration.

Signs that it’s time to trim your hair, tips on avoiding the dreaded frizz, reviews on some of the best (and affordable) products for curly hair, handy hacks on styling various types of curly hair… These and tons of other topics are covered by Courtney on her channel. Swavy Curly Courtney was launched in 2010 and is now very popular. Sign up to this channel if you’re looking to beautify your curls.

MakeupWearables Hairstyles: No More Bad Hair Days!

If you follow this YouTube channel, you will access dozens of fab hairstyle ideas and tutorials, along with some top of the line fashion hacks and hair product reviews. Delve in and give yourself time, because you will definitely get carried away browsing through their video tutorials.

Top 10 ways to curl your hair, Frozen Elza’s messy braid tutorial, 1-minute everyday hairstyles for work… These and many other topics are covered on the MakeupWearables Hairstyles YouTube channel. Subscribe to it and get glam without extra effort.

Guy Tang: Hair Transformation Channel

Guy Tang is a professional stylist and famous YouTuber whose channel currently boasts over 2 million loyal subscribers. His vlog features some really cool hairstyle tutorials, hair transformation videos, as well as documents his music journey as an artist.

I personally admire his hair color correction tutorials and find some of his hair styling tool reviews really useful. Start following Guy Tang, and his vibrant, jaw-dropping hair dye creations will definitely inspire you to book an appointment for a complete color upgrade. Such a talented artist!

Loepsie: Hair Tutorials & Lifestyle Content

This channel was started by Lucy, a girl from the Netherlands who loves sharing her hair tutorials with the world. Lucy provides some really worthy romantic date night hairstyle ideas, reveals her hair care routine, and offers a step-by-step guide on how to make the Elling braid — authentic Nordic Iron Age hairstyle (I personally enjoyed this one!).

Brimming with unique hairstyle insights, extraordinary hairstyle tutorials, fascinating stories, and fantastic old photo recreations, Lucy’s YouTube channel is among my personal favorites. I love it for its unique charm and never-seen-before tutorials. I definitely recommend subscribing to the Loepsie YouTube channel.

Free Salon Education: Trends & Tutorials

Free Salon Education is packed with the freshest hair cutting, styling, coloring trends, tips, and products to help professional stylists perfect their skills. If you follow this channel religiously, you will develop a keen sense of what’s right — or wrong — for each of your clients.

This YouTube channel was set up in 2009 and now flaunts almost a million subscribers. I personally love their haircut tutorials, including Jennifer Lawrence pixie haircut, V-shaped haircut, pompadour haircut, and David Beckham haircut.

Beautycanbraid: Stylish Looks for Afro Hair

Beautycanbraid is one of my favorite channels for beautiful and stylish looks for afro hair. From various types of braids and cornrows to rainbow ponytails, this channel has hundreds of great video tutorials and some really useful afro hair tips.

I personally find the following Beautycanbraid tutorials especially fun and interesting: Lemonade Braids, Alicia Keys Inspired Braids, the Ket Braid, Marley Twist, and Jamaican Bounce. The channel was started in 2010 by a girl of Haitian origin who currently lives in Tampa, Florida. She has over one million followers and some really cool hair braiding tutorials.

Sam Villa Hair Tutorials: Tips from the Industry Icon

Best known for his brilliant hairdressing skills, outstanding stage presentations, education, and talent of a businessman, in 2010, Sam Villa created an extremely helpful YouTube channel for hairdressers and hair stylists. I personally love Sam Villa hair tutorials on cutting the perfect fringe and cutting layers in long hair.

If you’re a hairdresser who’s looking to improve your skills, this channel is perfect for you. It provides some of the best haircut tutorials, hair styling tips and techniques, as well as business tips from Sam Villa himself. By following this wonderful channel, you will always keep up with (and sometimes even stay ahead of) the latest trends in the hair industry.

TheBrilliantBeauty: Indulge in a Plethora of Cool Tutorials

Jodi, the girl who has created TheBrilliantBeauty channel, is a DIY stylist of more than 10 years. Her channel is the living proof of her outstanding skills. Whether you’re on the prowl for hair color videos, tips on making your own wig, or just want to learn how to make crochet braids at home, Jodi has got you covered.

Aside from a variety of hair-related tutorials, TheBrilliantBeauty channel also features some really cool makeup ideas, outfit recommendations, and product reviews. As for my personal preferences within this YouTube channel, I love Jodi’s tutorials on crochet braids.

Abby Smith: from Casual Looks to Elaborate Designs

Abby Smith is a charming beauty vlogger and hairstyling enthusiast. She loves helping women of all ages take good care of (and eventually fall in love with) their strands, irrespective of their length and type. This girl seriously has everything you could possibly be seeking, from casual looks to some really elaborate updo styles.

I especially like Abby’s Dutch Braid, Crown Braid, Fishtail Braid, and Bohemian Braid tutorials. Her hair styles are beautiful and pretty straightforward, thanks to her comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Subscribe to her channel if you’re looking to learn how to achieve gorgeous hairstyles for medium hair.

Braidsandstyles12: Elegant Hair Braid Styles

Donna, the creator of the Braidsandstyles12 channel and the author of the tutorials, provides fresh, unique, and valuable content in the world of hair styling. Donna’s Game of Thrones braided hairstyle is among my ultimate favorites. Amazingly beautiful.

In her other video tutorials, Donna will teach you how to make a wide array of braids and braided hairstyles, including side Dutch fishtail braid, French braid waterfall ponytail, woven braided headband, flower braided updo, and lots of other awesome braid-crowned styles.

Slikhaar TV – Mens Hair: It’s All in the Name

Slikhaar TV – Mens hair is among the world’s largest YouTube channels in the men’s hair category. It was created in 2009 by twin brothers Rasmus and Emil Albrechtsen — hair stylists who have been into styling their hair since childhood and are now making their big dream come true.

Today, The Slikhaar TV – Mens hair channel has over 2 million followers. It provides top-quality videos on men’s hair and lifestyle, inspiring men throughout the world to express themselves through style and perfect hair. What I like about this channel is that it takes male stars’ to-die-for looks (like David Beckham hairstyle or Brad Pitt hair from Fury) and breaks them down so you can achieve them, too. Brilliantly done.

Kochi: Men’s Hair Styling Inspiration

The Kochi YouTube channel was founded in 2016 by a Stockholm-based hair specialist Kochar Faraj and his lovely spouse Sipel Faraj. Their channel covers such great topics as men’s classic shiny hairstyle, textured fringe, big volume quiff, Johnny Depp-inspired hairstyle, and many more useful tutorials.

Kochar Faraj has years of experience in men’s hairstyling under his belt. He says he’s on a mission to make the hardest challenges of hair styling easier, eradicating the fundamental problems that hairdressers come across with on a regular basis. Great channel to follow if men’s hair styling inspo is what you crave for.

DOPEaxxPANA: for the Love of Hair

This YouTube channel was launched by Bray, a self taught hair stylist based in California. The channel covers her limitless passion for hair, as well as some exciting episodes from her everyday life. If you follow Bray’s channel, you will learn how to make rainbow braids, easily create the criss cross stallion tail hairstyle, and achieve the impressive galaxy hair look. This channel can become a fine addition to your collection.

Confessions of a Hairstylist: Style Your Hair Like a Pro

This YouTube channel was launched by Jenny Strebe, a professional hair stylist and educator with 15 years of experience in the field. Jenny will teach you how to create a gorgeous double Dutch braid upstyle and a beautiful romantic fishtail upstyle in minutes. If you’re a stylist in search of inspiring hair tutorials, insightful industry specifics, honest product reviews, and professional advice, Confessions of a Hairstylist is the go-to YouTube channel for you.

Milabu: Great Tutorials for Short Hair

Milabu is a YouTube channel that was created in 2013 by Mila, a hair, beauty, and lifestyle vlogger, as well as a self-proclaimed ‘beauty addict’ based in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, the channel flaunts more than one million active followers. Mila loves to create how-to tutorials covering the topics of various hair styles and makeup ideas. She’s really good at it, so you will definitely find most of her hair styling tips really useful.

BluMaan: Men’s Hair Hacks

This YouTube channel was launched by Joseph Andrews, a talented hair stylist from Los Angeles, California. On his channel, Joseph (I guess you can call him ‘Joe’) shares a variety of men’s hairstyle tutorials, fashion trends, style hauls, male grooming tips, and product reviews.

Joe will happily let you in on 10 hairstyles girls love on guys and recommend which hair styles to drop in 2020. In other words, if men’s hair styling is your main focus, the BluMaan YouTube channel is what you should start following immediately.

Barber Maestros: Taking the Barbering Experience to the Next Level

This channel features some of the most astonishing men’s haircuts and hair transformation tutorials. By following Barber Maestros, you will learn tons of brand new hair styling techniques and some of the newest trends on the scene. Definitely a must-follow for everyone who’s passionate about the trendiest and most awesome haircuts and hair styles for black men. These guys can really teach you a lot.

Cutting (and Styling) to the Chase

Each YouTube channel within our selection above comes with a wealth of information and provides answers to even the most detailed questions on hair cutting, coloring, and styling. Have you already browsed through our top picks? What are your thoughts on the tutorials they feature? Aren’t they fantastic? Perhaps, you have your own all-time-favorite hairstyling-related YouTube channels? You’re welcome to share them with us in the comment section below. Your feedback is highly appreciated and very important.

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