Best Bonnet Hair Dryers: Detailed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It is hard to find a person who has never seen a bonnet hair dryer in a salon. These items appeared back in the 1890s and still have not lost the popularity, even though they are significantly modified. Thus, you can find a portable hair dryer with a bonnet and smart AI inside.

The bonnet hair dryer is something so familiar and well-spread around the world that we don’t pay much attention to it. However, not many of us know how to use it without the help of a hairdresser or whether it is possible to buy a bonnet hair dryer for personal use.

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As a professional hairstylist, I am used to clients who think that the best bonnet hair dryers can be found only in beauty salons. However, this is not true. You don’t have to be a professional stylist to be able to use this dryer. On the contrary, amateurs may find this item more beneficial for their hair than anything else.

This is why I have compiled my top-7 favorite products to make the list with pros and cons for anyone who is interested. My opinion is based on my experience and personal preferences, and you can always share your own thoughts in the comments.

Top 7 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers

  1. Gold ‘N Hot GH9271 Professional Portable 1200 Watt Hard Bonnet
  2. INFINITIPRO by Conair Gold
  3. Eleganty Soft Bonnet Hood Hairdryer Attachment
  4. Conair Pro Style Collapsible
  5. Revlon Ionic Hard
  6. Kiss Red Pro 1875w Ceramic Tourmaline Hood Dryer
  7. Conair 1875 Watt Pro Style

The list contains professional and semi-professional bonnet hair dryers that can be used at home. They all give you freedom of movement and are portable. While I will specify the price below, I want to point out that each of these dryers will save your money on beauty salons. Pick the one that you need based on the services it provides.

1. Gold ‘N Hot GH9271 Professional Portable 1200 Watt –  Best Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer Overall

The GH9271 Professional Portable 1200 Watt Hard Bonnet from Gold ‘N Hot has 2 heat settings and an adjustable height of the column. This is a powerful tool for your home’s salon, which is also transportable and easy to use.

The product has 2 vents under the hood and allows you to dry your hair evenly. And don’t worry about the size of the hood, as it is wide enough to use it with hair rollers.


Some prominent features of GH9271 Professional Portable 1200 Watt Hard Bonnet include:

  • This Gold N Hot hair dryer bonnet provides 1200 watt power for your hair
  • It weighs only 5 pounds and is easy to transport. There is a special hook on it that allows you to carry the dryer around without any specific boxes. All you need is to put everything together and cover the hood
  • All the settings are right in front of you, and you can reach them while sitting under the hair dryer
  • There are 2 plastic joints on the neck of the dryer that help you to reach the height you need
  • The airflow is spread evenly mainly due to the 2 vents inside the hood
  • There is a 1-year guarantee.

This hard bonnet dryer was created by Gold ‘N Hot, the developer of professional dryers and accessories for beauty salons and hair. The brand offers this compact hair dryer for home use, though the item has professional features.

9.2Expert Score

There is a set of vents located under the hood that help to dry your hair in several minutes. A one-year warranty provides a total refund to the customers.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • the dryer is lightweight
  • several heat settings for quicker drying
  • 2 vents spread the air evenly on the hair
  • the height is adjustable
  • the hair dryer is easy to carry around
  • it costs more than similar hair dry bonnets

2. INFINITIPRO by Conair Gold – Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

INFINITIPRO by Conair Gold Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer is one of the most famous soft hair dryers on the market. It is on-demand around the world and is widely used by professional stylists. Due to its compact size and lightweight feature, it is the best soft bonnet hair dryer you can take on a trip. This product is affordable to everyone and guarantees you the gentle treatment of your hair.

The main characteristics of the Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer:

  • The 4 heat system: from zero to maximum
  • The soft bonnet is easily adjustable to the head with locks
  • There is a 4 ft hose connected to the bonnet
  • The package includes the hot air brush which will help you to reach the volume you need. There is also an argan oil mask for the gloss of the hair
  • Due to the small weight the item is easy to carry around and store
  • The cord is 6 foot, long enough to move the device across the room.
9Expert Score

Conair is the leader on the market, and you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. It uses ionic technology to release the hair from frizz. Ions can get rid of the water on your hair twice faster than standard airflow, which is more beneficial for their health. You get shiny hair in the end, while the dryer is not overheated. There are four heat settings, but I must warn you not to over-dry the hairdo.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • affordable price as compared to other hair dryers
  • ionic technology
  • 4 heat settings
  • transportable
  • the cord is 6 foot long
  • the item is made only in black color

3. Eleganty Soft Bonnet Hood Hairdryer

Eleganty Soft Bonnet Hood Hairdryer Attachment by BRJ is a simple solution if you are traveling. This is the simplest way to dry your hair, without using your hands. The blow dryer must be purchased separately. The soft bonnet that perfectly fits your hair can give you the freedom of movements that you need. The size is universal and can be used even with hair rollers.

The main features of Eleganty Soft Bonnet Hood Hairdryer Attachment:

  • Simple to use;
  • Weightless and can be easily packed in your bag. It weighs only 4.8 ounces;
  • Ideal dryer for traveling;
  • Isolates ears and neck from the hot air. If hair dryer causes the irritation of your skin, you can use this product and forget about unpleasant burning feeling;
  • Has a long cord;
  • The item comes in a stylish black purse;
  • This attachment to the hairdryer has a universal size which you can extend up to your needs;
  • The air flows evenly and distributes on your hair;
  • There is a 100 percent refund guarantee for 1 month.
8.6Expert Score

You wear the soft hood, attach the hair dryer to its end, and pick the heat settings you need. This bonnet can isolate the hair from the ears and neck, so you will not overheat them. The product is totally safe, and you will not fry your hair.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • affordable price
  • universal size
  • evenly spread air flow
  • stylish design
  • protective to your ears and neck
  • does not contain a hair dryer itself

4. Conair Pro Style Collapsible

Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet by Conair looks tiny and extremely fragile. However, this is an incredibly powerful tool for your hair. It has an 1875 watt engine inside, 2 heat settings, and extra-large bonnet. This Conair bonnet hair dryer is one of the most suitable tools for people who don’t have much time for their hairdos. It works fast and without extra noise, so you can even use it in a hotel, in case of an emergency.

Consider main features of this hair dryer:

  • The whole package weighs around 8 pounds. Its size is 15.2 x 17 x 6.5 inches
  • There is a product warranty for this bonnet dryer
  • The Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet is available in black and white colors
  • The cord is 6-foot long
  • All the main settings are located on the stand of this hair dryer. However, if you want to adjust the height, use the column
  • There are 2 heat setting for your comfort
  • The airflow is even, due to the special vent system inside the hood
  • The bonnet is extra large. You can use jumbo hair rollers with this dryer. However, I do not recommend using this bonnet dryer for over 1 hour. If your hair is long, you can adjust the heat on medium. This way it will dry on rollers but will not get fried
  • There is no timer, so you will have to watch closely for the dryness of your hair.
8.2Expert Score

Conair is famous for its hair dryers. The company is one of the well-known brands on the market of professional equipment for hair salons. This time they offer to bring the beauty salon to your home. The item folds extremely easily and can be stored on a shelf.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • the hair dryer offers powerful engine to dry the hair efficiently
  • the airflow is spread evenly inside the hood
  • there is a 6 foot cord
  • easy to transport
  • weightless
  • it does not have a timer

5. Revlon Ionic Hard – the Best Bonnet Hair Dryer with Ionic Technology

Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer by Revlon offers the perfect treatment for your hair. The ionic system protects the hair from over-drying, making the whole procedure quick and easy. It cuts the frizz and makes your hair shiny. The hood is big enough to use it with hair rollers. While the ionic bonnet hair dryer is not something new on the market, the other benefits that this particular product offers made me put it on the list of the greatest bonnet hair dryers.

The main advantages of Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer:

  • There are 3 temperature options. I recommend operating the dryer on low or medium temperatures. The high is for unique cases only
  • The Ionic system dries the water on the hair faster than a simple hair dryer. The whole procedure will take twice less time than usual
  • You can switch the ion flow on and off. There is an indicator light for your convenience
  • There is a special place for the cord storage on the hair dryer. You can use it to keep your hair rollers as well
  • The whole dryer weighs only 8.55 pounds. It can be easily packed and kept on a shelf of your wardrobe
  • Hair dryer is made in a stylish design. The leg and stand is black, while the hood is purple
  • All the buttons that you need are reachable for you. While you are drying the hair, you can change the speed and heat
  • The air flows through the numerous holes inside the bonnet. It spreads evenly on the hair.
8Expert Score

Many of us are familiar with the Revlon brand that has been a leader of the beauty market for many years. This company is considered to be a cosmetics developer; however, it also produces high-tech items for professional and amateur stylists. This ionic hooded dryer has 3 temperature settings on the leg, and you don’t have to stop its work to switch the heat.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • affordable price
  • stylish design
  • powerful engine
  • three heat modes
  • ionic system
  • the height is not adjustable

6. Kiss Red Pro 1875w Ceramic Tourmaline Hood Dryer

The Red Pro 1875w Ceramic Tourmaline Hood Dryer by Kiss is a compact product with multiple benefits. It contains not 2, but 4 heat options, which allow you to choose the proper treatment for your hair. I recommend using low heat frequently, apart from cases when you are in a hurry. Still, this item offers the hottest temperatures among its competitors on the list. Two motors inside the dryer guarantee stable performance.


The main features that must be mentioned in this portable bonnet hair dryer review:

  • Adjustable height. You have to pull up the leg of the dryer to extend the height
  • The hairdryer weights 0.32 ounces and can be easily transported to different rooms
  • There are 2 motors instead of one. The engine is powerful, and offers 1875 Watt
  • The color of the dryer is white
  • It has 20 percent wider bonnet than the average product
  • There are 4 settings of heat. On the lower heat mode, usually it takes up to 30 minutes to dry long hair
  • The leg is reliable and stable, even when you push down the hood
  • There is a 1-year guarantee for this product
  • Ceramic tourmaline coating protects the hair from destructive heat.
7.8Expert Score

The bonnet is wide enough for the hair rollers. Don’t worry about the size of the hood. It is fixed reliably and does not tilt over. Ceramic tourmaline cover protects the hair from damage. In case you need to switch the heat, you can do it with your free hands in the middle of the drying process. The product was created by Kiss, the company that develops beauty items and professional tools for hair treatment.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • can be easily transported
  • lightweight
  • adjustable height
  • there are 4 heat settings
  • powerful engine
  • there is no timer;
  • the product is more expensive than similar hair dryers

7. Conair 1875 Watt Pro Style – Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer for Home Use

The 1875 Watt Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer by Conair is one of the most reliable portable items you can use at home. It was originally created by Conair, the company that develops items for the famous beauty salons and Hollywood stylists. And now anyone can use the same tool as celebrities without the need to leave home. There are 2 heat options, in addition to optimal distribution of the airflow around the head.

The main features of 1875 Watt Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer:

  • A powerful 1875 watt engine that quickly dries the hair
  • Two settings for the heat. However, don’t overuse the high-temperature mode
  • There is a big bonnet so even the big size rollers can be placed inside
  • The hairdryer is portable and easy to keep even in the wardrobe
  • The company developer works successfully since 1959, and provides guarantees to the customers
  • The air distributes in the hood evenly
  • There is a 6-foot cord that allows you to move freely around the house
  • The dryer is designed in white color. It has a small section for the beauty products at the stand
  • The whole hair dryer weighs only 8 pounds.

The height of this bonnet dryer can be adjusted by regulating its leg, and it has an extra big hood for hairdos with rollers. No matter what size of the hair rollers you use, your head will be comfortably placed under the bonnet. Don’t worry about overheating, as the airflow is spreading equally intensive.

7.5Expert Score

When the time comes, you can pack it back by a few simple moves. There is a hook on the bonnet that allows you to carry it around the house without any problems.

Design and Materials
Value for Money
  • the product has a powerful engine inside
  • there is an even spreading of air flow
  • the hair dryer weights only 8 pounds
  • the dryer is affordable
  • it has a long 6-foot cord
  • this device does not have a timer

The Guide to Bonnet Hair Dryers: All You Need to Know

There are millions of different hair dryers nowadays, from professional bonnet dryers to brushes and stylers. Depending on your preferences, you can pick the one you need. The very first hair dryer contained a bonnet or hood. It was invented in the 19th century, and while the fashion has changed on hairdos, bonnet hair blowers are still on demand. Why?


There are several reasons to choose the bonnet hair dryer:

  • I personally can advise it by the freedom this device provides to your hands. You can read the newspaper or watch your phone while drying the hair.
  • The power of the hair dryer is usually bigger than in simple blow dryers.
  • The airflow is even and stable. There are numerous holes inside the hood which allow the air to spread faster and more smoothly.
  • You can change the heat volume while sitting under the hooded blow dryer.
  • Soft hair dryer protects your skin from accidental burns.
  • Your hands will not get tired from holding the heavy blow dryer up in the air, and moving it around your head.



What Is a Bonnet Hair Dryer?

The bonnet hair dryer is a device that provides heat from the so-called bonnet or hood. The person should sit under the hood and pick the heating mode. The air will be spreading around the hair. Handheld blow dryers require the use of one or both hands, while bonnets free them. Many people prefer bonnet hair dryers to handheld, especially when they have to use hair rollers and hold the dryer in one position for some time.

How Does a Bonnet Hair Dryer Work?

While choosing the best hard bonnet hair dryer, take into account there should be a cap or hood on it that you have to put above your hair. After that, you have to turn it on. You may pick the heat mode.

Depending on whether you want to dry your hair faster or have enough time, you can go either with the low heat or high. The cap will distribute the hot air on your hair. There are different types of bonnet hair dryers, and based on yours, you can try various features.

What Temperature Is a Portable Hair Dryer?

All products that I have put on the list have various temperature settings. You can use different modes to increase or lower down the heat. You definitely can’t exceed 140 F as it is the main limit of hair dryers.

Usually, bonnet hair dryers operate on 100-130 F. The longer and thicker your hair is, the more time you will need to spend under the bonnet hair dryer. On average, it may take up to 40 minutes if your hair is long and you adjust the heat settings on medium.

How to Roll Hair for Bonnet Hair Dryer?

There are no specific rules on rolling your hair for the bonnet hair dryer. All you need is to place it under the hood. However, I want to share my own guidance to the flawless hairdo with you.

Even if you have the hair which is not so easy to adjust in a flawless hairdo, and you are looking for a specific device like the best bonnet hair dryer for black hair, following this short instruction step by step will grant you beautiful locks.

  1. Carefully wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. I advise you to use protective masks. They will save your hair from overheating.
  2. Dry the hair using the towel, but do not rub. Instead, you have to press it slightly to your hair.
  3. If you have a protective spray, apply it on. If you don’t have one, go to the nearest salon, and buy it. This product is a must for everyone.
  4. Now, you can separate locks and roll the hair on rollers.
  5. Pick the right size of hair rollers. If you want wavy hair, you have to pick large hair rollers. In case you want to achieve small curls, use tiny rollers. Remember, that small size rollers require more time to roll, but the hair dries faster on them. If you are using different size rollers on your hair, keep that in mind.
  6. Pin the rollers. Make sure they will not slide anywhere.
  7. Turn on the dryer and pick the proper temperature. If there is a timer on the device, set it on the exact time.
  8. Now you can relax under the bonnet. Let the dryer work for you. If there is no timer, make sure you will not fall asleep inside the dryer. It is extremely dangerous; however, it is commonly spread mistake.
  9. Check one hair roller. If everything is ready, and your hair is dry, turn off the engine. However, if the strands are still damp, stay under the bonnet for more time.

Is There a Proper Hair Dryer for Specific Hair Type?

It is a well-spread question since many clients believe that bonnet hair dryers should be selected individually based on the type of hair. Although, it would be way easier to find the perfect item for each of us, there is no such thing as a hooded blow dryer for thick or thin hair.

The Perfect Choice of Bonnet Hair Dryer

To cap it all, I reckon everyone should choose a specific bonnet hair dryer based on the specific demands. There are so many features that each product provides that you need to take in mind all of them.

Concentrate on what you want, and what hairdos you prefer the most. Now go back to the list that I have created and pay attention to the pros and cons of each item. I offer you to check out:

  • The main features like ionic air flow, ability to adjust the height, weight, portability.
  • The company developer and whether it has a solid reputation on the market.
  • The price is also important and must be taken into consideration.
  • Material that the hair dryer is made of.

Take a thorough look at the reviews from other users who have already purchased the dryer, if you think I am biased. I also want to know which hair dryer you are inclined to buy or have already chosen.

There is a section with the comments made specifically for you. Don’t hesitate to mention which bonnet dryer you use in daily life. Do you prefer a hooded blow dryer or a handheld tool? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of a bonnet hair dryer from your perspective?

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